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Boris Leyvi

серафим на
А. Pushkin

ohour place got infestednew york is this fantastic place
livingwe have a roach problemhere for years still looking
uponce a two-inch brown-winged motherfuckerare the tall buildings on madison avenue
nowcrawled from under the bathroom doora cripple crossing the zebra
withas i sat on the john for number twosmiling like new york
smilesreading nabokov’s “defense”which may be a front for things he keeps
insidethe son of a bitch made me jump from my seatis it warm outside how cold
getsthank god i finished the number two businessthe winter as humidity is
toughsitting there just so i could  find outto make suffer as everyone you know
almostif the young luzhin had beat the elderly gentlemanfalls apart but people and places are
impossiblein the game of chessresilient to no end yell to the cripple slowly he
but turnsso i jumped up and grabbed a pink  can of raidgoes your direction and that
usuali sprayed the animal but it would move brisklyyou with a straight face
afterrefusing to cease frantic runninghardly misbehaving at all committing
ai kept on spraying with my jaws clenchedsomething lacking in a solid definition
whilesilentlyno one would settle for less
so keepscreaming inside die you repugnantsmiling you have long to make
it upthing diequiet before getting busy
just smileand when it did i flushed it down the johnand thank you all

Education of a Ladybug

a ladybug flew in
despite the window net

who knows how it found
an orifice big enough

it landed on an air
conditioner's rail
scorching hot from
direct sunlight

it did not produce
a sound

she must have been
in a lot of pain
as her arthropod legs
and the whole complex bottom
fried up against the metal
but kept her composure
kept on just sitting there
as if she was paying
a regular lady visit
to someone

she continued sitting there
for weeks
as if pretending
that things were normal

like clouds that kept
on changing their clustering
or babies being born
or dust accumulated

she changed in color
became paler
less noticeable against
the bland hue of the air

she sat there firm
and out of respect
for her zest to appear

I let her

Cold Feet

to feel
at own wedding party
here you are

forty and done
life unwraps smooth

wife globularly
attractive baby

on the way

to hell with
aspirations still around

what if I'm
that great

poet musician

human being
unique what if

reverse the tape

back to misery
hugging air

asleep aspirations
looming large

every cursory glance
taken for recognition

fear fear

roll it back
let the grief

have its ordinary

now go dance
to warm up the feet

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