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a bad year
robert pliny

        (making haste)

Melanie leaning on the toaster I make haste
to taste while she spreads Have you seen
my glasses I say afterwards They were
right here I like to solve the crosswords I say
I don't say cross your legs I don't say make haste I
need my glasses Melanie Melanie they were
right here Before the obituaries Just in case Haha I laugh
The toaster pops and so does Melanie but not
the same 


Men are like bitching robots Valery says one afternoon
We're laying in the park And women are like tofu
I reply Men are like the Bible like required reading

says Val we're laying in the park one afternoon
Women are like like but nothing Val has a lovely
tanline Val always gets the last word Val has
a tattoo she won't let me see because I'm engaged
to Melanie Ditch the bitch says Val one afternoon

we're laying in the park You know you want to see it
You know you want to put your grubby old hands
up in there says Val Oh sweet dirty Val I can't
I say I cherish our friendship Cherry my ass says Val


somewhere's rose when liferain pours
into random empty drawers

        (what melanie needs)

Let's go away Let's take a trip Let's get married
Melanie is in a mood Melanie has done her
routine three times today By routine I mean to
say she sits around meditating Humming along
with some tape not even a CD Melanie
wants to go away Wants to do something I say I can't just
leave I have obligations Classes I have a fucking
job Melanie I need a break Melanie says I don't
want a break I don't need a break Melanie doesn't
need a break A break is the last thing Melanie
needs but I don't have the heart to tell Melanie what
she needs so I say maybe maybe next week maybe
I can manage where do you want to go Melanie anyway
Spain Be serious Melanie I say Live a little Melanie says
Yes my Matador Not now Melanie I have to finish
grading these papers Melanie pouts Melanie
puts on loud music Melanie dances Melanie does her
routine I love you Melanie but you do not need a break Melanie
Not Spain not even your routine I don't have the heart
to tell Melanie what she needs 

        (dirty lies)

I get a text message from Val I'm not wearing
any panties it says I'm in the elevator it says
I'm gonna fuck the next guy that enters
brains out it says I'm in the living room

Ironing shirts Folding shirts Ironing shirts
Ten minutes later another text message It's from
Val Just kidding it says I'm at Shirley's fucking
baby-shower I fucking hate babies it says

        (loneliness: 2)

see the swampy spring things bloom
i went to weep and so-on


Melanie comes to my office unannounced Up against
the bookshelf No not my first editions Yes says
Melanie Just like the first time Fuck me
you bad boy Melanie has a way
of saying it Melanie moves slowly Melanie takes me
in her mouth Yes says Melanie Melanie who is
full of surprises still 

         (what valery wants)

In the park again Val sits on the wall dangling
Chewing gum How to be young again
Val tells me about how fucked up it is
to be young To be young today and not again

If Val could pick any century it wouldn't be
this one Boys are such idiots Val says
Even the cute one with the pony-tail
I say I suspect its always been the same

They just want one thing Val says who wants
many things she says And you're different
I tell Val boys will come around If now
it's boys she's interested in Fuck no

Val says I think I'm going lesbian I think
I want to fuck girls for the rest of my life

         (on waiting)

I could spend forever between Melanie's dark
luscious tits watching the world end

        (loneliness: 3)

in the narrows, in the furrows, the crumbled frescoes


After class Val drops me a note Drops a note
and walks away Those tight jeans shorts walking
away The note says I let Jared fuck me
I'm sorry Bye I wanted you to have this and a picture

of something dark and round and meaningless
A symbol of Val I think Jared with his head of hair and
there in Val letting him All night Oh I just wanted you
To have this fucking Straight-A Jared I think Val

walking away tight short round little something
wagging and meaningless Walking away and I
assembling my papers Stacking stacks Books
and dust My little Val of the dirty mouth heaven 


Thistles burn my thighs At night I leave the village
The pain is sharp And the smell of foliage I run
faster faster almost there Where nothing
looms Nothing but thistles Burning so sweet
this moment of forget