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some days are better than none
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The Apocryfullest Issue

The Acropolis


The full lips.           The Apocalyptic hip chicks in all their        

                 empty splendor
  wrapping their bicycle chains around


                  an atomic event.
A 'relativisation' to be sure. That is to say, we're all hedging our assertions
and imagining eschatological rescue feats.

Esquetrology predicts we’ll be dead when


nips the seventh star of Pegasus (but I don’t care).
This has all been clearly indicated in the finest apocraphalyspal tradition.

Mainlining a fresh set of perambulations

                 The Eclipse

                                             Drubbers all 

Fuck this apocalypse. Have another from the recesses of guttural responses
predating  all columns

of  molded vain roundness                                         .

Have this other
Purely nonfosselized
still not organic nor growing
as far as tell can
nonetheless fortuitous
(as given on Mount Supposition)
Sacred ground sans firma


It's a glorious!place one doesn't
have to believe in
Your own potential was seen once
or infinite in one form or another
formulizing debt to a cause
Formalizing existence
only to see it all come crashing down.
Well, fuck that apocalypse!
Have yet another.

       Goat Cheese

   "Check, please."
    a pocket I Ching
  ain't nuthin but a series
  of 64's and 6 three's

   a blurry-eyed cross
   between a hotspot on the earth
   and a universal first time for everything

but hey! it's as simple as that
hat and flat
Rockefeller ring finger
Save your monkeys in  a lilac bag of fuck you
and roll

A hat full of feathers and bubble gum


                                                                    and troops

Set loose with the Three Pigmen of the Apocaloops                        strapped to marble

                         on a sacred playing surface of your choice.