a pretend genius broadsuction
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muy bueno
the writethis.com banned words poetry contest 2007

the devil made me
julie payne

i could go out, wander the earth
get a dragon tattoo in lead-based paint across my heart
unsheath the nine of swords
be a silhouette fantasy girl in a red mystery window
call myself jennifer

i could dance in the forest at twilight naked in the mist
paint my eyes, sparkle with joy
sing to your burning loins

there are plenty of longing souls out there
paining their tears, vowing their quests
with their awesome desires and their breathtaking sex

all those creative clouds and flowers and grass
eternities, infinities and shimmering deaths

it would be simple to give in and be broken
touch breeze and flame to clutching confusion
or rise up and be the slayer of heartache and scorn
simple as not thinking of a better word for demon

i could pulsate, i really could
call heaven and hell from the lightning and thunder
flutter my soft imagined wings past some kindness-obsessed knight
weep passion and poetry toward the shadows and the sky

but I'm stung

oh fuck that

there's not enough whisky flowing in the world
to impassion this wicked bitch to travel down that road, summer or not
this cunt abyss of a sweetheart ex-lover
not for thee, thyself or thou
it would all go tea-leaf, sepia-toned

after any of that Id have to become
another banned word on a list