a pretend genius broadsuction
the legendary bunny poem 'byunnys', read by its creator.  send us a sound file of your interpretation of this beloved poem and we'll publish it. we will.  send it here:  byunnys@writethis.com

update:  forget it.  we don't want any of your damn byunnys sound files.  they're driving us crazy.



i like byunnies hip hop hippity hippety hip hop bunnies are cool and they taste good too i like buynies to run and romp they really chomp them carrots. Whenever i see a bunny i go hip hip hippety hop hop and chop them into little pieces. they have fun they are bvunnies and run all around my yard. they have tails and ignore my snails they are bunnies on the run. they do hip hop too. chewy chewy bunnys all around they are what comes out of what comes out of the ground. yumm.

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vol. iii, issue ii
may 9, 2006