write this
emmer effer
a pretend genius broadsuction
some days are better than none
hugh fox

Our old buggywheel, horse-plow,
pass the corn-cabbage-potato-beef
and let's talk about good and bad
knees, winter blankets, resurrection,
more or less kids, the next war
a million miles away from our
geese-deer-riverfishing universe,
sliding into the bed-now,sleep-
now, eyes, ears, nose and throat
instead of i-podding out sound and
cellphoning through the obliviousness
of winter, spring, summer anything,
hard to believe in the Amorites, Moses,
Cromwell, Pius the Thousand and First,
Harry Pottering reality into You Think
It, You Create it, driving through a
million acres of Sunday afternoon
farmland/houses and there's one guy
cutting the grass, that's it.

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