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j. tyler blue lives in baltimore. he likes things. many things. even carrots.  he is author of the book "The Baltimore Years".

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author of the books "still life in motion"
and "one note symphonies"

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chi chi

it was a dank and smarmy nightclub and i was born under the stage. i pulled myself up to the decorative spittoon for the first time at 3 1/2 months. at 7 i rode a stolen skateboard to the left bank and took a right left right. at 15 i joined bob's barbershop quintet and played the barber. this led to a refusal of the military service to accept me. at 27 i registered a win at a slot machine of $173 allowing me to buy a ticket to nouse, north dakota where i married many people as an internet degreed minister. i am currently undergoing but hope to rise soon and living in seattle. in lieu of good wishes please contact me at iweargeniussocks@writethis.com to pledge a donation. if you are a bored rich woman i'm witty, can be seen with, and fill tight spaces with occasional flourishes.

bryan e

i don't have time for a bio.  who is this for?  tell them i refuse to disclose who i am.  and tell them my real name is Bryan.  and tell them to go to hell.  yeah.  hell.

blem vide

right now, i'm a mellow hippy throwback who doesn't belong anywhere. i disagree with everyone by nature. blem vide is a compartment where i store my travelling salesman hats. i don't wear glasses, watches, necklaces or shorts. love is all that keeps me interested in our toxic world. most people don't know me from adam or eve. what do you believe?

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zink poe

i'm back
vol. iii, issue ii
may 9, 2006