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interview: Catherine Edmunds

Write This: Two of your stories have now been accepted by Write This - or maybe I should say one and about 1/16 have been accepted. Are you more proud of the 1 or the 1/16?

The 1/16, definitely. I've gone back and read that several times now. Wouldn't have done that were it not mangled.

Hinge: write this has never mangled any of my stories. never published one neither. will you write my next one for me?

Catherine Edmunds: Of course. For an appropriate fee.

Hinge: hi, my name is Hinge. my question for you. i am a writer. is. also. where. but i don't write. do you write?

Catherine Edmunds: Hi Hinge. I am not a writer, but I do write. Funny old world, innit.

Write This: No. What is your favorite hated word... the one that makes you cringe the most?  Keeping in mind answering this question poorly could cause me to end this interview.

Catherine Edmunds: Crepuscular. Because people so often put it on lists of their favourite words, but do they use it? Do they heck. Or if they do, they use it in cringeworthy high-flown poetry that's wrapped around the one word in order to say, 'Look at me! I just used 'crepuscular'!'

Write This: On the other hand corpuscles is a charming little underused word. This is a word that should burst in the finest capillaries everywhere.

Catherine Edmunds: The problem is using 'corpuscular' without people thinking it's a typo.

Hinge: these are interesting envelopes. i once used crepuscular in devastating fashion. i also used vespertine. corpuscle is a tasty little word. what do you think about pneumonia? and parsnip? more with an s sound than a z sound.

Catherine Edmunds: I like parsnip (parssnip) roasted round the joint, or in a stir-fry.