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  Breaking-news: MRI-scans show brain-activity higher daydreaming.

  Monday 20th April 2009 announcement Egyptian archaeologists began excavating 3-possible sites for the Lost Tomb of Antony & Cleopatra, has reactivated the 41st-blueprint proposition a Shakespeare play encodes a master-plan. Arousing not only proponents of Antony & Cleopatra, but also reinvigorating claimants of Shakespeare’s other 37-plays & 2-lost-plays, including the possibility of an unknown play, secreted away.

  Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities top-archaeologist Zahi Hawass is confident one of the radar-survey identified sites at the Temple of Taposiris Magna, built during the reign of King Ptolemy II [282-246BC] on Lake Mariut, near Alexandria, will reveal their burial. Many Egyptologists are skeptical their tomb exists, so a successful dig will need ownership proof.

           She shall be buried by her Antony.

           No grave upon the earth shall clip in it

           A pair so famous. High events as these

           Strike those that make them; & their story is

           No less in pity, than this glory which

           Brought them to be lamented. Our army shall

           In solemn show attend the funeral,

           And then to Rome. Come, Dolabella, see

           High order in this great solemnity.

                  Antony & Cleopatra closing-lines [Octavius Caesar] 5.2.357-365

  41st-blueprint Antony & Cleopatra proponent Oil-seem-triumph claims Shakespeare had access to secret manuscripts 8/6 Transit of Mercury ascertaining aides secreted their bodies, before Augustus could burn & scatter their ashes. Old urban legends say Augustus wanted to deny them mortality. Born 63BC, Octavius was adopted by his great-uncle Julius Caesar in 44BC. After inheritance upon Caesar’s 44AD assassination, Octavius formed Roman Empire’s 2nd-Triumvirate military dictatorship with Mark Antony & Marcus Aemilius Lepidus in 43AD, until driving Lepidius into exile & defeating Antony at Battle of Actium in 31BC. Became 1st-Emperor of Roman Empire in 27BC, renamed Augustus, he ruled until 14AD death. Did you like the performance? his famous last words. The month of Sextilis renamed August, his successor was Tiberius.

  Octavius becomes Augustus. August & October are the Roman calendar’s 6th & 8th months, whose alchemical numbers represent the Sun & Mercury. 

  I managed a rare interview with Oil-seem-triumph, whose name-change by deed-poll is “sphinx-riddle” coded, on condition I don’t record the 4:20 rendezvous at a “censored” statue, but rely upon the myth of storytelling. Being what follows, discerning ARE NATO YNOT & CLAP.

   First there’s literary the book. The Benefit of Christ’s Death Decoded sounds new-wave, except Oil-seem-triumph insists it existed before the 16th-Century heretical The Benefit of Christ’s Death publication. The latter decoying the former, as a translation of the Latin into Vulgate. Both works were a necessity, & changed the world forever. TBCD climaxing in a showdown with Pope Paul IV, while TBCDD is a work-in-progress, thanks to Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra Transit of Mercury re-encoding. 

  Sensing my disbelief, Oil-seem-triumph suggests T-he refers Antony’s Act-IV death, & thus TBCD is actually BC/AD, a space-time rendering of Christ. Mark Antony’s acronym is Freemasonry’s acknowledgement of the act being fact, with the sacred BC/ADD referencing Masons higher awareness of its MAD abbreviation to MASON, being removed from any vulgar insight.     

  Now my disbelief’s turned laughable. Even Oil-seem-triumph’s memento as our meeting’s only evidence, doesn’t disengage my disbelief in feeling a persuasive power manifesting from the glyph I held. The glyph watching as I write this for write this.

Proof of a blueprint, Oil-seem-triumph ventures, as I try to physical-world juggle the metaphysical possibilities, realizing he isn’t inclined to explain. Antony & Cleopatra as 41st-blueprint is for me to work-out. If I can’t, I can’t. So I restore my interviewer-role, & ask if its number significant?

  He surprised by telling a 182/218 story, before concluding the meeting. So what I retell now, I’m uncertain if it’s a story-within-story misenbyme, or the story I was originally meant to receive. For at times they seem one & the same, as denoted in their dig/digital abstraction, while obviously separated by a vast time-span of the written-word’s viability, as newspapers struggle to survive the current economic climate. Daily news is the 1st-causualty of the written-word’s need to adapt or face extinction, as online new-media bites into old-media. Frontier-news of unknown consequences is today’s climate, though I’m skeptical of Oil-seem-triumph’s telling, as surely its protagonist Lati is “fictitious non-fiction”, as opposed to news-of-the-day. For dig/digital superimposition highlights ital, whose atbash[reverse]-sequence is Lati.

  The story goes, Lati believed newspaper-barons throughout the print-world, overly influenced if not controlled the public read. So Lati conspired to setup Global “Write This” News, a virtual-newsroom where stories are daily reported, investigated, vetted, reworked & edited, to a computerized identikit-news program, before being GWTN online posted. But before getting off the ground, it became a battle-story of Lati verses the codeX2000 cyber-bullies claim: 1989 Identikit Cities priority included identikit-news programs. Lati attended New Zealand Institute of Architects 1989 biennial conference in Wellington, so aware identikit-news is 6-tier Time Pyramid aligned:


90     91

92     93     94

95     96     97     98

99     00     01     02     03

04     05     06     07      08      09

  codeX2000 is “new millennium” architectures of Knights Templar 1308+62=1344+666=2000 conspiracy-miscalculation, as 1344+666=2010. Its conjecture the Templar escaped with relic-&-treasure the year following their 1307 Black Friday 13 October 1307 arrest, to rendezvous in 36-years time, & 120-years thereafter, but Benzene Seal’s 1284/1344 gorILLI-mentality phoenix gives new millennium alignment precedence as 1344+666=codeX2000. Is it coincidence the sum of the 6-Square, being numbers 1-through-36 total 666?

  Whether 2010 threshold or just 2009 in its own right, the cyber-bullies guard all 1989 Identikit Cities 6-tier Time Pyramid rendezvous. Write This virtue-news-room is off-limits, & Lati became a missing-person April 20, the day of the Antony & Cleopatra tomb dig at the Temple of Taposirus Magna news-release. 420 denotes cannabis, so Lati’s fate has become intertwined with Mirrumbidgee Irrigation Area of New South Wales, as during the 60’s/70’s the MIA was the marijuana capital of Australia. Organized locally by various mafia-clad, they exported via their global networks, until the Vietnam War supplanted the ease of access/profit to heroin. Today its cocaine & ecstasy, with the world’s largest ecstasy seizure of 20-million tablets in tomato-cans from Italy & 150kg cocaine in coffee from Columbia, worth $600-million street value, at Melbourne. It was masterminded by one of the relics of the 60’s/70’s mafia-clad, with arrests in the MIA’s capital city Griffith & their international connections, 8th August 2008, coinciding the Beijing Olympic Games opening. Wherein lies the rub to Lati’s missing-in-action, presumed dead.

  For the MIA marijuana-to-heroin transition coincides Australia’s 1st-certified political assassination, when Liberal candidate for the Riverina Donald Mackay went missing from the Griffith Hotel carpark, Friday 15th July 1977. With an anti-drugs campaign-platform to rid the MIA of its dope-capital status, knowing the mafia’s tried-&-proven method is bribery, Mackay circumnavigated local police, to inform state & federal police plus political-circles of a major cannabis plantation at Coleambally. The subsequent raid on 10th November 1975, found a 31-acres crop of trickle-water-irrigation, estimated to produce 60-tons of pot with a street value between $30-60-million, when the entire MIA annual agricultural production was $60-million. Its believed to have been one of ten similar-sized plantations growing at the time.  

  The crop’s owners were Griffith’s “Honoured Society” of Italian Calabria descent who’d emigrated to Australia after World War II, were they continued their mafia-roots as La Famiglia, The Family, the N’Dranghita local cell from Plati, southern Italy. Grease-monkey Robert Trimbole ran their marijuana distribution network, which he subsequently adapted to heroin in collaboration with the Mr Asia importation-network of New Zealander Terry Clark, after the Mackay killing. Both of whom are the centre of the 2009 TV-doco-drama Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.

  Mackay’s body hasn’t been found, nor have those responsible been brought to justice. Its generally believed Trimbole ordered the hit in retaliation for the Coleambally raid. Déja-vu: Lati & the southern Italy town of Plati connect via the Benzene Seal’s The Mafia “L12” Misfit Schedule, as P=16th Settlement 2004/2064 of BOB & ALICE. Trimbole’s known internationally as Aussie ‘Bob’ Trimbole, having relocated to Ireland to escape the heat in Australia over the Trio police-investigation of Mackay & Wilson husband-&-wife drug-courier murders. After IRA-involvement, the cancer-stricken Trimbole’s escapes extradition to Australia when freed by the Irish courts, & goes into hiding in Spain, dying a freeman May 12, 1987.

  As Oil-seem-triumph’s codes, codes, codes: unpardonable ruse-de-guerre frivolities departing words is an unsatisfactory ending, I did some digging. A work-in-progress, it seems factual, though I’ve yet to verify the story’s major reference point, the existence of Lati pre-20th April 2009. Its presumptuous Lati authentication is interconnected with the findings of the Antony & Cleopatra dig, as 41st-blueprint. But contemplating the storyteller’s glyph, I’m transfixed by its 182/218-encoding to the story’s working-title ARE NATO YNOT & CLAP of “sphinx-riddle” Oil-seem-triumph storyteller. The obvious onnection is Mark Antony’s Triumvirate rulership, except ARE NATO YNOT & CLAP seemed to refer to two, as “are” is the adverb, & NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization acronym. 

  The memory recall NATO’s real-time nuclear-warfare Operation Archer simulation climaxing November 8, 1983 is reutedly the closest the world’s come to nuclear-holocaust, accompanied the insight ARE NATO YNOT & CLAP anagrams ANTONY & CLEOPATRA. Then as if anticlimax, the glyph informed Oil-seem-triumph anagrams Antony’s 2-aides: Philo; Demetrius, in the play.

  To believe this Write This is true, you have to be an Egyptologist & believe glyphs can speak, so I asked if Lati’s authentication is connected to the current Antony & Cleopatra dig. Whereupon it sang with guitar-riff:

               I wanna live, with a cinnamon girl

                 I could be happy, the rest of my life

                 With a cinnamon girl.

               A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night

                 You see us together, chasing the moonlight

                 My cinnamon girl.

               Ten silver saxes, a bass with a bow

                 The drummer relaxes, & waits between shows

                 For this cinnamon girl.

               Pa send me money now, I’m gonna make it somehow

                 I need another chance, you see your baby loves to dance

                 Yeah_ yeah_ yeah.

  Waldo historians swear its definitely a singing glyph, though there’s disagreement as to what song discloses the 8/6 Transit of Mercury secret Octavius to Augustus “big bang” transition manuscripts, Shakespeare had access to. The glyph maintains Cinnamon Girl precursor four-twenty cannabis consumption/culture, as it was April 20, 1970 released as a single from Neil Young’s 1969 album Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere. Young’s 1st-album with backing-band Crazy Horse is pre-Waldos of San Rafael High School, San Rafael, California, 4:20pm daily rendezvous in 1971 at the Louis Pasteur statue to smoke dope, before searching for the Point Reyes marijuana plantation of urban myth.

  Accused of over “rewinding-the-tape” by fellow Waldo historians, as creative-thinking 1969+41[blueprint]=2010 of codeX2000 & 1970+41=2010 inclusive, the glyph reminds all, that Cleopatra’s the original Cinnamon Girl. Citing San Francisco’s M. H de Young Memorial Museum regarding a successful dig for the tomb of Antony & Cleopatra, the glyph quoted its ancient art curator Renee Dreyfus.

“Did they in fact find cinnamon in her tomb? It has come down to us that in addition to great treasures, she was also buried with cinnamon, which was an exotic spice of the time.”

  Thus its not only Shakespearean Antony & Cleopatra 41st-blueprint adherents that await with abated breath upon the dig’s outcome, but also all the Waldo historians in their dope-smoking research, as the 1970-71 dispute gains 31BC to 2009 precedence.

  31+2009=2040: being 20th April to power-of-ten reverse of four-twenty. 

About the author

Barrie Walsh
NOCTURAL U-TURN SUITE is a probe into the vast quagmire of conspiracy
architecture. Survival's not expected to guarantee a return. Inflation is Bond's
middle name. Tragedy's cliche, its propaganda inc. is sought to be groundless
allegations of proof of what will come is already here, i.e. Shakespeare quote:
When I said I will die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.
The terms "bachelor" & "married" are contested as encoding spyworld espionage
via their atbash sequence "rolehcab"; "deirram" deciphering.
That NOCTURAL U-TURN SUITE is an anagram defies postmodern belief.
And so the probe continues.