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interview: Alice Godwin

Write This: Do you have any idea how famous the name Alice is around here?

Alice Godwin: Of course I do. Everyone does. Just blame it on the bunny and too many games of solitaire.

Hinge: i can't believe you were allowed to use the Alice. it's pimposterous.

Alice Godwin:  I come from a long line of an Alices.
WT: That hardly gives me comfort. How pleased were you to be mentioned in our October Issue?

Alice Godwin: The pleasure was brief, a momentary whiff, a disturbance and gone. Until now when you have brought it all back again.

Write This: You strike me as a liar. We have no problems with liars as long as you lie without a lisp. Would you say that this is true? If this question is too hard you can answer what your favorite color is. I mean colour - you're probably one of those. You're also probably wearing a habit and chewing on your hair.

Alice Godwin: Oscar Wilde had a lisp. Colour - yes. I'm one of those.

Write This: Tell me your favorite writer moment and try to make it erotic.

Alice Godwin: You expect a lot, no drinks, no dinner and you want me to breathe in your ear and lick your temporal lobe. You're not even Italian.