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Alana States

Her hair goes every which direction
She has dark circles under her eyes
And chipped fingernails
She's wearing hand me downs
And inside them, pale skin and stretch marks
Shes walks a little awkwardly
Like she knows where shes headed
She just hasnt decided if she really wants to get there
She laughs out loud
And the disturbs the quiet dinners of the familys around her
But ugly and beautiful are just two different words for the same thing
And they're the most useful words in the English language
Except for maybe...perfection
She is an organic organism
And you cannot sell her your fabrications
Or your face creams
Or your tanning lotions
Or your sex dreams
So fuck off
And do it with a smile
Lets show each other our crooked teeth
Our crooked souls
Our crooked cunts
Bleed all over the black and white
Get each other sticky
And clean the mess with our tongues

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