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interview: Janet Tay

Write This: You sent this to the write this inbox:  "Not sure what to make of the dismembered stories, to be honest! Although it certainly fits the horror/Halloween theme." How much more on the fence could you be?

Janet Tay: I think the writers should have been asked whether they would mind their stories being ripped up and mangled.

Write This: Do you mind if we edit that? Tell us a little about yourself. Your bio informs us that you were a "litigation lawyer" but left that profession, much like a renunciate, to pursue that which cannot be caught. Are you a star-crossed lover of lost causes?

Janet Tay: That's a very accurate description.

Write This: I know.

Hinge: i better watch what i say here. what made you jump from lawyering to malaysia and then back to lawyering before becoming a malaysian editing person?

Janet Tay: The jump was really just from lawyering to editing. And the reason for that--most likely masochism and a fair bit of insanity. [ed- (translation) I'm annoyed at this interview and I don't know what you're after so I'm just going to give this boiler-plate answer and hope it ends there]

Write This: Between masochism and insanity, which serves you better as a writer, and, as a corollary, as a lawyer?

Janet Tay:

Write This: This is a good question. I hope it is not going unanswered.

Hinge: i hope she answers it.

Janet Tay:

Write This: How would Janet have answered this question?

Janet Tay impersonators: