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Anthony Jones

somewhere south of so what

like a seed we’ve planted it
dug deep brown earth
moist and rich
in the shade of the sun

forest green growing
the smell of dark wheat bread baking
the feel of damp dirt
beneath our fingernails

and all of it’s clean
california maybe
somewhere south of so what

the mad scientists at prom

i never thought they’d show up
but here they were—
the mad scientists at prom

we smashed all their beakers
and crushed all their test tubes
but here they were in their lab coats—
ready to experiment on the dance floor

tom cruise

just sitting in this diner
a dive where i drink black coffee
and i’m thinking
about tom cruise

my god
that boy looks good
with his hair short
or long

now ain’t that something
ain’t that something special?

stockton, california

hearing train tracks rumble late at night
locomotives bellowing like wounded dogs
a fog gray feeling
seeming sometimes blue

hey girl

dig this little chick
down on the corner
you see her pull up her tank top
showing off her bellybutton like that

she sure does love
driving these other guys crazy

but this little chick
best be careful
she sure never met
someone like me before


Anthony Jones has been published in Westwind (Spring 2006) and The Furnace Review (Fall 2010). He was also the 2007 recipient of the Ruth Brill Scholarship, awarded to the most outstanding fiction writer at UCLA. He has performed work with The Noah Garabedian Sextet (http://vimeo.com/13471981) and, most recently, he was selected to read one of his short stories at The Franklin Park Reading Series. Currently, he coaches basketball in the South Bronx.
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