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An Unauthorized Biography of Water
Michael Larrain

It was time's first time
But ether could neither rush nor plash nor purl
So shake it up, baby, now
became the name of the game
Something wanted to stretch out
to reach ahead yet remain
to carry itself to others
Release the woman set loose the furious bees
It's all downhill from here


A drop of water
sliding very slowly
down a blade of grass
knows the greatest pleasure
A rivulet might go mad with joy


Any drop of water
has already been everywhere
Made the rounds of all the joints
and the acquaintance of
the most unlikely characters
Sluiced along such beautiful breasts
Infiltrated our refreshments
and intermingled with our underthings
Watched countless generations pass away
and laughed and lifted them into the sky


Do you remember
when you were a stretch of white water
straining toward the morning star
one sweet furlong of the Colorado River
and I was a dazzle of light
playing around your waist?
The memory of water begins with wind through lavender
and rebegins between your shifting thighs


Author bio

Michael Larrain was born in Los Angeles in 1947. is the author of three collections of poems: The Promises Kept in Sleep, Just One Drink for the Diamond Cutter  For One Moment There Was No Queen. Day Women Press of Willits, CA, has released a CD of his reading of selected love poems called Lipstick: A Catalogue for Continuous Undressing.novels are South of The North Star, Movies on the Sails, and As the Case May Be. children's storybooks are The Girl With the Loom In Her Room, Heaven & Earthand Homer the Hobo & Ulysses the Goat.

He lives in Sonoma County (California) with his wife and three year old daughter, Wilder Kathleen the Rage of Paris Larrain, and has long been a senior partner in the Way-Up, Firm And High-Tail It Bright Out of Town Detective Agency, a loosely aligned confederacy of shady characters devoted to the complete discrediting of reality in our time.

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