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us-v-them treacherous crevasse inevitability
barrie walsh

  A divorcee, she knew the 7-year-itch is followed by a 7-year-ache after the family breakup. So its natural to take 2002 back to 1995 as beginning to 2009. She even explained her own predicament. Kids’ birthdays aren’t the spontaneous joy they’d once been, nor are Christmas/New Year, Easter & other annual events a family celebration. Being happily remarried with secondary family obligations is great for most of the year, but not those special occasions, when uncertainty & complications set in.

  Lost in personal thought, his response jarred. ‘Avalanche,’ Shirley asked, mind envisioning ache in anche, but how’s aval its itch?

  ‘AVALANCHE is the cleavage call: technophobia or not, 139=34th Prime,’ Montesa added. ‘To AVA-code’s its 33rd Prime, as 13th-Prime 41’s missing to 37/73 being 12th/21st Primes encoding December 21 solstice of Mayan 5th-World End in 2012 as 7337-palindrome pairing’s 20th-&12th-Primes.’

  He turned to see if #397 Grand Templar Inc board-members understood 41st-blueprint to The Use of Numbers in the Great Deception’s the direction to take their praeceptor Peniscola video-game development.

               O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend

               The brightest heaven of invention.

  Citing Henry V opening, he reminded. ‘23rd-&-last Knights Templar Grandmaster Jacques de Molay’s burnt at the stake on a small island ile de la Cite, Paris, 18th March 1314. The calendar debacle is “hidden in plain sight”, 7-days before Julian New Years Day, March 25. Mechanisms & automation have absorbed human intellect since the dawn of time. Solar year & its daily clockwork conquest is the soul’s physical exactitude.’

  Shirley recalled their leadership debate. With sales plummeting a whopping third in the first half of 2009, they needed a Christmas release to recoup profit, or the company’s history. The global financial crisis impacting the gaming industry after 2008 record sales with many major product releases is so dire, #397 GT chairperson resigned. The ballot’s been reduced to two, but their leadership pitch has turned into a Luddite v Futurist debate & entangled her in her own plight, as if social-cultural crisis comparable to the Industrial Revolution. She recovered.

  ‘No one knows why 1294-1307 Templar built their fortified castle at Peniscola [peninsula] in the kingdom of Valenica, nor who its praeceptor, or commander was. The mystery our video-game’s turned into urban legend. 7-year-itch plus 7-year-ache questions aligning 1294+7=1301+7=1308, as 1308+62=1344+666=2000 is codeX2000 diabolical plot of Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum premise: year after Templar Black Friday October 13, 1307 arrests, they reconvene in 36-years, then every 120-years. Benzene Seal’s C6H6 atmosphere release is as comparable as CH4 to CO2.’

  She quoted certified sources. ‘Rainforest destruction contains large volumes of methane, or CH4, as well as CO2. Atmospheric CH4 is 25-times CO2 in greenhouse effect potency. Ice cover depletion will release larger volumes of methane from sub-Arctic tundra. Sea-level’s rose 1.6mm per-yr during 1961-1993, to 3.1mm per-yr from 1993-2003, & predicted to rise 0.5 to 1.0m by 2100 relative to 1990. Many predictions exceed 1.0m. Coastal impact upon world’s major cities is unknown. Today’s human activity injects 10-billion tonnes CO2 per-yr into atmosphere, compared 6-billion mid-90’s. Sea as “carbon-sink” is sucking-up less CO2. It was 2-billion tonnes, about 1/3, now less than 2-billion tonnes, under a 1/5. 13 of the 14 warmest years since instrument-records began mid-1800’s have occurred since 1995.’

  ‘13 & 14 as 132+142=169+196=365 days-yr,’ Montesa pounced. ‘4@13=52 plus 2-Jokers per-pack, but only one’s needed, if at all in most card games. Tarot’s minor arcana comprises 4@14=56, with Joker the 22-card major arcana. Its proposition one of Shakespeare’s 38-plays, 2-lost plays or an unknown play, encodes a master-plan as 41st-blueprint. Henry V is set either-side of 1415 battle of Agincourt, France. Antipope Benedict XIII withdrew to Peniscola in 1415. 1449-1415=34 aligns Lorenzo de Medici’s January 1, 1449 birth, & 34’s Magic 4-Square secret number. 1415-1294=121=112=AV audio-visual of AVALANCHE to stop piracy.’

  He’d their attention. Piracy is a gaming industry curse. But as AVALANCHE is a bluff, he disclosed. ‘Kabbalah’s Tree of Life comprises 10-circles, called Sephirot in Hebrew, each an attribute of God that Jewish doctrine emulates by contemplation, via connections. Reputedly 22-paths, but in the Judaic Kabbalah only 21 are visible. An anomaly seems to exist between 4-Chosed & 5-Gevurah strategic to #397 Grand Templar Inc.’

  Tabling figure-1, Montesa added. ‘2-overlapping hexagrams, where the bottom circle’s removed from the centre of the top hexagon, otherwise paths are more than the Hebrew alphabet’s 22-letters. Judaic Kabbalah 21/22 path knowledge is beyond me, so let’s go to the Templar Tree of Life.’

  A gasp accompanied the slide change, as Templar automatically adopted 5=pentagon of Solomon’s Seal in naming their Order the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ, Knights of the Temple of Solomon. Pairing Hexagon & Pentagon alludes to David as father & Solomon as son.

  He sat to let his competitor respond. 9 original knights went to Jerusalem after 1st-Crusades captured the Holy City on 15th July 1099, the 196th-day of 1st January sacred calendar. They secretly tunneled under Solomon’s Temple ruins from their adjacent “as above, so below” stables camp.

  ‘Lorenzo’s 1st January 1449 birth is 1449-1308=141-yrs. 4interconnecting62 i.e. 36+35+35+35=141 is an unknown reality, even if it gives a quick fix to 2009. But you don’t need a woman lacking balls to continue this argument, for “balls” were the di Medici family symbol, their exact number differing over time, but 5-balls was prominent. 411+114+141=666 isn’t coincidence &/or speculation, as 141 conceals 414.’ Shirley continued.

  ‘A 3-digit palindrome with its 3-digit counterpart, i.e. 141 & 414, in 6-digit sequence 141414 of 3-pairs is 777 dividable, as 182x777=141414. But 141-visibility with 414-invisibility is calendar relevant, as 414-365[solar-year]=49, being 72 is 18th February, & as 182 confirms 182x777=141414. Michelangelo died 18th February 1564, the year of Shakespeare’s birth. 18th February 1861 William Throsby Bridges was born, coinciding strategic Rennes-le-Chateau pillar-tombstone as reverse 1681=412 to Parkgate memorial-tomb of the only Allied WWI-&-II soldier homeland returned from where he fell. Major-General Bridges lead the Australian Imperial Force’s April 25, 1915 Gallipoli landing. Wounded May 15, he died on a hospital ship May 18, but instead of a burial-at-sea std-procedure, he’s shipped to Alexandria for full military-burial, then exhumed months later & transported to Walter Burley Griffin’s only Canberra architectural-commission.

  ‘Chicagoan Griffin & architect-wife Marion Mahony won the International Design Competition of Canberra in February 1912. Griffin died February 1937 after falling from scaffolding during Lucknow University commission, India. His organic-city town-plan controversy concerns Mahony’s visual convex rendering & Watergate naming anomaly at the land & water right-angle axes concave crossroads. Sacred-architecture of sexagesimal base, as 17th June 1972, 5-Plumbers were arrested in the Democratic Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel, Washington DC, replacing bugs, implicated 37th-US President Richard Nixon via 18-missing minutes of the Basement Tapes. Watergate’s the 1st-media use of “gate” in investigative journalism. It centurion aligns 2012 Mayan long-count calendar 5th-World End as 2-year MR to codeX2000.’

  Had she made her point? She summarized.

  ‘Futurism reaches redline 7000. UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change estimates melting permafrost will produce 1-trillion tonnes CO2, while burning fossil fuels since beginning of Industrial Revolution’s 350-billion tonnes. It parallels our blind gaming use of Templar Tree of Life. Compounding misguided action by hyper-action is comparable to climate-change/global-warming, as Copenhagen summit in December 2009 realizes reversing the inevitable might be beyond the human capacity.’

  Shirley sat without delivering the knock-out, as her opponent tabled the 4@62=141-yrs figure-2, saying. ‘Fittingly a girl’s name originally for boys until Charlotte Bronte’s novel sex-reversal, highlights Foucault’s Pendulum error establishing architecture, as 1309, not 1308 aligns 1344. Florence’s florin was the international monetary std, its Minchiate tarot science & hermetic knowledge. In 1476 astronomer-mathematician Regiomontanus was summoned to Rome to advise on the Julian, as Easter festivities misalign the seasons. He died upon arrival, some say poisoned, & the calendar wasn’t corrected for 106-years, with Gregorian loss of 10-days in October, 1582. Regiomonantus “doomsday-prophecy” Comet 1588 is active today as 1988 Uncanny A*Topia Fiction program.’

  Montesa didn’t mention 4@397=1588; 5@397=1985 anomaly of figure-1. He’s concerned Shirley’s 1995 itch/ache is codeX5@397=1985 to today.

  ‘365.25 days-per-yr’s an approximate, as its 365.242199 days-per-yr. To sustain the calendar after its 10/11-day correction, only centurion years divided by 400, & not std. 4 are leap-years, i.e. 1600; 2000, but not 1700; 1800; & 1900 of Julian. 3-out-of-every-100 leap-years are no longer leap-years abstract Minchiate esoteric-tarot’s 97-cards. A 41-card major-arcana anomaly as std-major-arcana, Zodiac, Elements, 3-Virtues & Cardinal Prudence is 22+12+4+3+1=42. Its debated which card’s deleted, i.e. Virgo-Libra-Scorpio as 2-Houses or Empress-Priestess as Temptress. Kabbalah & Templar Trees of Life Sephirots total 10+9=19, the 41-22=19 difference. Templar Kabbalah contemplates the 22-connections of the std. major-arcana with The Fool’s invisibility, plus 19-spheres. Or as my opponent rightly observes, balls of the combined hexagonal & pentagonal Trees of Life.’

  ‘Gamers’ realtime unraveling time’s-rife Templar sacred architecture,’ Montesa concluded. ‘Knights of St John conquered Rhodes on August 15, 1309, the 227th=Pi-day of Gregorian New Year, confirms sacred calendar alignment as Hospitalers depart Rhodes on January 1, 1523, after truce with the Ottomans. 1523-1309=214 is 563 obverse 777-dice, & reverse 365 std. yr. 365-227=138=6x23 as June 23rd is St John’s Eve to Midsummer.’

  Defying fate, Shirley said. ‘Temptress to render 21-major-arcana Templar-Judiac: TJ=2010, revisits 1998’s The Solitaire Mystery bookstore 38[settlements]x52[cards]=1976+22[inflation period]=1998 confrontation to author Jostein Gaarder’s Maya sequel conceals tarot as 0C/0AD “big bang” of 38 Shakespeare plays. Implementing the Vesthum contingency capitalizes pseudonym slackattack’s best-selling novel HEGA: weight-wait loss program of “weight-wait” superimposes WIT as EGHA difference to Robert Greene’s Groatsworth of Wit 1st-record of Shake-scene. Greene died 3rd September, weeks after August 1592 Fatal banquet of pickle-herring & Rhenish wine with Thomas Nashe & 1-or-2 others. HEGA interfaces copenHAGEn to 2009’s December Climate-Change summit. Our video-game can play its part in greenhouse awareness, as opposed sacred-architecture of unknown, perhaps ill repute. Templar were the 1st-international bankers.’

  Shirley climaxed. ‘Vesthum contingency counteracts Templar 22nd-hidden time’s-rife, as Vesthum reconfigures us-v-them. Judiac Kabbalah deletes std. Jewish Kabbalah, Renaissance Christian Cabbala & modern Magic Qabbala’s 7th-Netzach=Victory & 8th-Hod=Identifying with God, paths with 10th-Malkuth=Kingdom, & adds new path between 2nd-Chokhmah=Wisdom & 5th-Gevurah=Power. Its this Wisdom-Power alignment Vesthum questions, as 5th-2nd-reverse path infers 52-cycles with 22 Inflation Period.’

  Montesa protested. ‘Its well known the invisible Sephirot Daat=Knowledge is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th crossroads, without designated number. The Wisdom-to-Power path’s only contemplated by negotiating Knowledge is comparable to Futurists “technology over nature”. 2009’s centenary of 1909-44 Futurism, highlight’s its founder’s quote: “We stand on the last promontory of the centuries! Why should we look back to the past?” to the Phoenician, Greek, Carthaginian promontory stronghold, before King Jaime I captured it 1223 from the Moors & gave it to the Templar, whose rebuilt fortress exists today. In 1319 Peniscola Castle passed to the Order of Montesa, a new Templar-variant under Cistercian doctrine until 1587, when Spanish realm absorbed. I’m testament the Order of Montesa survived 1588 doomsday-prophecy, just as 1309=7x11x17[3 Primes] & 1449=3x3x7x23[4 Primes]. For Mercedarins accompanied Columbus to America, are connected Montesa_’ 

  ‘Futurism’s speed, dynamism, birth of industrial & militarized cityscape’s importance of violence personifies Emilio Angelo Carlo Marinetti name change to Filippo Tommaso Marinetti establishes F.T., the “foot” in Italy’s “boot”.’ Shirley retaliated. ‘600-yr Phoenix of 1309 Templar 4@62=141 to di Medici’s birth is F.T. Marinetti’s 1909 publication in Le Figaro of Futurist Manifesto on February 20, the 51st-day-of-year has 314=Pi remaining. Its hermetic connection is an Egyptian friend of Marinetti’s father was an influential shareholder of the French Daily. The Futurist Manifesto was 1st-published 19-days earlier in La gazzetta dell ‘Emilia, on 5th February 1909, the 36th-day-of-yr=62, alchemy’s Magic 6-Square’s The Sun. Marinetti reputedly had a life changing car-accident, swerving into a ditch on the outskirts of Milan to avoid 2-cyclists in 1908.’

  Tabling figure-3, she added. ‘Cyclist as BIKE-serial is IK=911 preference to 191-voyage architecture. 1909 counterpoint 1885 as 42-Diamond, infers Magic 4-Square presence of 33-&-34 secret-number compositions. For March 9, 1309 Pope Clement V relocated Papal seat to Avignon, beginning Papacy Babylonian Exile until 1377, is 33-exclusive, 34-inclusive years post-1344 rendezvous Benzene Seals 1284/1344 gorILLI_’

  Ding-dong: the debating bell rung. Time’s up, & the video-game board-members had to choose their chair in haste to meet the 2009 Christmas market. A no-brainer, they compromised a his-&-her co-chair entitled long live king ludd, the futurist! to develop praeceptor Peniscola with Vesthum contingency to contemplating Templar Tree of Life “time’s-rife” disclosure.

  Shakespeare’s Henry V as 41st-blueprint deploys ALVALANCHE cleavage call to video-game pirating. A bluff not without centurion leap-year architecture precedence in co-chairship: AVA=1221 of December 21 to 2012 Temple of Laughter 12-O’clock Rock, & LANCER security-detail codename to 35th-US President John Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963 assassination. Was an extra day inserted into Kennedy’s fateful “space” Texan tour?

  For including Daat=Knowledge Sephirot means 11-Sephirots to the Judaic Kabbalah & 10-Sephirots Templar correspond days deleted of Catholic & Protestant Gregorian correction, as 1700 interceded the two.

  Technicalities were their program-developers’ problem. What concerns the board-members is product launch sworn to secrecy: LAUNCH abstracts AVALANCHE & AVA+LANCER 41st-blueprint as 21x37=777. If asked about their new release, they can only say “21x37=777 top secret”, for fear of catastrophe. Their gaming industry survival’s in question & a prior anonymous tip-off now seems relevant. Aleister Crowley, a leading modern-day Magician of numerous writings & escapades, in 1909 anonymously published 777 & other Qabalistic Writings, was born October 12, 1875.

  Indonesia’s October 12, 2002 Bali niteclub back-pack terrorist attack killed 202-people, including 188-Australians. 2001-1875=126 is Left-Foot & January 26, 1788 “uncanny” affinity to the British settlement of Australia as penal-colony. 2001, September 11+19+365=396 as 12th October 2002. Sept. 11 to Oct. 12 inclusive is #397 Grand Templar Inc.

  The last chair destined praeceptor Peniscola to Imperial-v-Metric measurement system’s December 10/October 12 is St Patrick’s Day #17 hypotenuse speculation of March/April/May squaring the corner architecture. March 17’s the 76th-day-of-year; 77th-leap-year, & Crowley’s Liber 777 is a reference book based on the Hermetic Qabalah, reputedly written by memory from sacred doctrine.

Kabbalah is a Jewish form of Torah commentary prominent in the 16th Century via the book of Zohar, introducing the diminishing 4-worlds.

  If Zohar & Torah identifies Z=T, then TOA as Right-Hand is part of the riddle the previous chair predisposed Montesa & Shirley to navigate. Sept. 11 to Crowley’s Oct. 12 birth is 31-days. Crowley’s 1st December 1947 death abstracts 112=121=AVA, while 113=1331 palindrome. 2@666=1332 might be in doubt, but Shirley’s proof 3@666=1998 active. Although her belief Shakespeare’s Henry V was written in 1597, & not the generally accepted 1599, because 1597’s #17 Fibonacci Sequence, met with Montesa’s 2-year MR rebuke, she’s IR of “Infra-Red” frequency. Shirley’s response called Montesa 21-22 of “Ultra-Violet” frequency. If 41st-blueprint its spectrum coverage’s awesome. But can they find the visible light wavelength to save #397 Grand Templar Inc from history, when number’s destiny.

  #397=78th Prime, so Tarot aligned. While Montesa’s 4@397=1588; 5@397=1985 declaration’s still to be presented, as is Shirley’s 1995 itch is 2002, with 2009 ache. Is codeX397 Grand Templar Inc extreme gaming?