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emmer effer
a pretend genius broadsuction
some days are better than none

for Wilder Kathleen


In the hours before dawn
our bodies are drinking stored-up light
and reassembling it as water
So do all memories begin
Upon awakening
the rippling flanks of horses
pass across your face
taking the form of day

Pleasing the Mangoes

Are you willing to hot-wire my rearview mirror
by touching up your lipstick in it
so I may leave it as a business card?
I'm weary of traveling
merely by watching you stand still
Voyeuraging,as it were,
I want to go where the bee-confusing hum
of young breasts thrilled with growing
disturbs the underwater swimmer
Where the big-time mangoes
get rolled all over your naked body
as if preparing you for a pleasure
the mangoes themselves can scarcely endure
It's almost too hard for the mangoes liking
persuading the Gulf Stream into your limbs
extracting your fevers unhaunting your feet
But the mangoes believe you're the long way around
This is how the mangoes are escorted to the sea
You are asleep on a slow carouse carelessly
and ceaselessly coiling & turning
The fan on the ceiling
is winding you deeper into aquamarine
and I'm rubbing you everywhere with ripe mangoes
They take heat from your skin like the longest of kisses
and I slip them into the refrigerator
In late evening you awaken
with baton-marrow sparkling across your hips & shoulders
and dress in a shift of white linen
We slice up the mangoes & eat them with our fingers
cold and soaked in dark rum
I want to go where the mangoes dream of becoming girls

About the author

Michael Larrain was born in Los Angeles in 1947. He is the author of three collections of poems: The Promises Kept In Sleep, Just One Drink for the Diamond Cutter and For One Moment There Was No Queen. Rainy Day Women Press of Willits, CA, has recently released a CD of his reading of selected love poems called Lipstick: a Catalogue for Continuous Undressing. His novels are South of the North Star, Movies on the Sails and As the Case May Be.

He lives in Sonoma County (California) with his wife and two year old daughter, Wilder Kathleen the Rage of Paris Larrain and has long been a senior partner in the Way Up, Firm and High Tail It Bright Out of Town Detective Agency, a group of shady characters devoted to the discrediting of reality. www.sonomaunions.com

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