a pretend genius broadsuction
letter to Mr. Chagall
Josef Lesser
(for Edith )

dear mr. Chagall,
I am writing to ask you to be the master of ceremony at 
my weding to my sweet natasha you did this work for her sister do you
remember her sister anna who maried the boy who milks the cows his
name is leo and anna said you are so good you made them feel like they
were flyng in the sky with the moon and stars my name is yury and i am
not good at words or speling i had to leave scool when ten to help with
the pigs my uncle has do you remeber uncle hyme he told me you were
master of ceremony when he had a big sixty party and your talk made
him feel he was flyng with his fiddle over the houses in our town and
all the streets had a color like he has not seen before and my other
friend nikolay who marrid katya told me a secret that your words made
them like lovers in blue at night when they kissed they saw the world in
blue my mother says you are an artist not like a painter but maybe better
you make peeple feel good and see dreams and colors and they dance
and sing and make love like i will with my natasha you are the greate
greate master of ceremony leo told me a red angel touched them on the
head and our rabbi of vitebsk remembers when you were a litle boy and
you made storys and pictures of profets moses and isiah do you still make
pictures like my other uncle grigory he knew you in school and said you
made nice pictures of a magic flute and a bird on the moon do you think
of school sometime and my uncle if i finished school i mite be good like
you and everybody wood ask me to make them fly and paint dreams
and sing and love and laugh and cry and make cows jump on stars and
fidles play in the sky but i only look after pigs mother says everybody
has to look after somthing and she told me you look after hearts and
souls and spirits i do not know what she means i have to finish now
i am going to the circus with natasha and nikolay and katya we are sad
that you are not the mc tonite rabbi shmuel said i can say mc insted of
the full word for your work he told us when he went to the circus you
were the mc and you made all the people of vitebsk see colors of life
and a boy flew on a chicken the cow played with the sun flowers waltsed
and he said even the goat had fun yes you do bring color and hapinnes
to peeple that is why natasha and me want you to be our mc please say
you will do the work i have saved money from the pigs

your friend

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vol. ii, issue ix
may 4, 2005