a pretend genius broadsuction
Schlong Helmut and Nerd Vader, feat. Terry Wogan.
alabama whirley

Schlong Helmut, Space Dickeroo with a magnet
and his side-kick Nerd Vader,
encountered Terry Wogan backstage on Blankety-Blanker.
Said Schlong to Wogan, I'm magnetic and sexy.
Said Wogan to Schlong, but i'm sexier.

They exchanged such sauceries as Boob and Ball-Shaker
and Overblown Blowpipe and Bleurgher
and Big-Girls Blouse and Wobbly-Butt Swinger
and Stuffed-Sock Panter, Shorty and Shrimp.
They pointed and pouted and pranced
and pursed their lips and blew raspberries
and preened and pushed forward their posing pouches.

Then Schlong and Wogan exchanged ion-pinked blows;
they pinched and they spanked and they whacked
and they thwacked and they slapped and they tickled
and paused in-front of the camera
for comedy effect.

And they cudgelled each other over the head
with the worst of limp-wristed swips,
until their dicks went limp.

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vol. ii, issue ix
may 4, 2005