a pretend genius broadsuction
comas are two popular
j bond

Sharons west virginian wife has
brought his favorite soap to the
Hadassah hospital with a copy
of his unreleased metallica recordings
with hope that he pull out of  his
“lazy non tiling of the shower”

Blood brothers in ash, a certain
Randy McCloy is also stirring
to similar pain stimuli, he was
wearing his lucky L necklace
separating himself from the
wrath of death angel hatfield
dousing mine on the shoulders of
prayer laden men, for giggles
and legend, he passes onto wives
“no worries, there all gonna be just fine”

From Munich to Morgantown
people are holding there collapsed
lungs, scratching their swollen
brain stems, swimming in placenta.
The General and The Miner
both exhibiting other planes
for breather and break, Palestinian
monoxide poisoning particles
stroked the coals, Kadima to
days with lemonade and orchards

Comas are two popular now adays
its like tivo wasn’t enough to satisfy
paused live recording, we need are
instantaneous notification of results
lest we lose interest and shelve Disney
popsickles into wooden crates next
to the holy of holies, for malthus
disbelief we can unplug our machines

see how many our truly living

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feb 14, 2006