a pretend genius broadsuction
Atlantic City
dawn corrigan

   I'd wanted to sing
about a man recalling his words
  it's probably best I forget
when you're nervous pretend everyone

   in a long black line
angled to the side between free parking
  and a beating she took violin lessons
for five years the violin looked like

   sunburned tenants know
to shun when drunk only five streets wide
  in the stall of a ladies room
from the ground sometimes once in awhile

   the Atlantic shrinks
a young man takes his girl for a ride
  O stars who doesn't share your joy
stand before a mirror you might catch

   sight of the blue sky
the walls are colored yellow tourists
  can't tell the difference she never
neglects mirrors he's signing his name

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we are so great
vol. iii, issue iv
our dates are still effed up,
but we can sit down