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Sept. 4, 2002
volume i, issue ii
Masturbating in Public                             
jubei blue

I am reading Milton
in the bath,
in the subway,
in between looks
at a young college student with perky breasts,
and daytrips to the beach

I am letting Milton play
in the 21st Century
mind of mine, I am hearing him in a Wolf Blitzer way
explain the political crisis of the Angels.
Could this be made into a movie? Hugh Grant might have
a role, yes I think Stephen Spielberg would direct.

I am reading Milton
to include him on my list.
"Calvin Klein
has got a new underwear ad."
I heard her say to her boyfriend
or was he just a friend, a coworker perhaps

I go to chat rooms to explore
possible meanings behind Milton's words
such discussions range from lunch menus to playful cyber sex.
"Who is Beelzebub?" I say
"Who is who?" "What is that?" "A/S/L?"
I met a girl who looks nice from Oklahoma
and another from just outside London

Perhaps I will meet them
when I am done with Milton
we'll sit around
and talk about "South Park"
the pandemonium of terror
and David Beckham.

jubei blue ©2002