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special issue for those young poets:  

The Chair
Julian Orillac

Liam Kerwin

The Beloved's Betrayal
Isabella McIlvaine

How Do I Loathe Thee, et al 
Destiny Bennett

Carpe Noctem: A Crown of Sonnets
Michelle Chen

Defining Infinity
Marie-Rose Sheinerman

​When I see you smile, et al
Nicole Bass

Elizabeth, et al
Sarah Baum

The Call of the Heart
Zach Struthers

a modern day love poem
Adrian Lajara

The Winners of the 2016 NY Browning Society HS Poetry Contest

Private Original Contest: Julian Orillac - 12th Grade - The Browning School
Private Browning Inspired: Liam Kerwin - 12th Grade - The Browning School

Parochial Original Contest: Isabella McIlvaine, 10th Grade, Notre Dame HS
Parochial Browning: Destiny Bennett - 12th Grade - Monsignor Scanlan HS

Public Original: Michelle Chen - 11th Grade - Hunter College HS
Public Browning: Marie-Rose Sheinerman - Hunter College HS

2016 Shortlist 

Nicole Bass - 11th Grade - Gramercy Arts HS
Sarah Baum - 10th Grade - HS of American Studies at Lehman College
Zach Struthers - 11th Grade - Xavier HS
Adrian Lajara - HS of American Studie