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Sept. 18, 2002
volume i, issue iii
Knowledge od the Unknownable

Any subtle differences should be noted, so that we may understand all events that lead up to the grand old party, oh what a loving day, I do believe your wife is calling me, but I swear nothing is going on, and lies are lies and goners are goners.  To be lifted up and speak with knowledge of events that one knows about, everything will be all right if we just promise not to ruin it.  I'm a big fan of the orange juice, I drink it almost daily, if not bi-daily, and I'm not positive how much consumption will neglect the years of home bound abuse suffered by circular reasoning.  Yes yes, I know you mean well, but I mean even better, which gives me an unfair advantage over people who have less property than I, which is why I put up fenses around my cow herding establishment, because it is for my own well being and I am a free and clear human entity.  Arguments arise daily about what it means to be human, but I believe all these arguments remain null and void until they recognize the brilliance of inventions which go unmade, unnoticed, and useless, such as the occilopifinator, which, with only minimum effort by the habitant, creates a zone of pure love, that engulfs, overwhelms and creates an uneasy sense of grand joy and prosperity.  To say that prosperity is not linked to material goods is like saying one thing and then saying another.  Sentences run together like riots and bullfights, but that doesn't give the masses an excuse to revolt, just because they don't liek the price of imported beer.  Or does it?  This question, asked many times and only answered twice, is one that has never recieved adequate consideration, and I for one am appauled.  I would like to think, in tis glorious world of ours, created in the image of which we imagined the world, and full of ideas no one believes, is large enough to hold even the largest event, yet we seem cramped in and clastrophobic, mainly because of the excessive amounts of fecal matter that will and has inevitabley piled up as a result of wonderful numerous hours of procreation.  I prefer, and have said this many times, precreation, in which time travel is imperative and not without its own social and political ramifications.  One does not need leave out religion, but if they make note of its contribution, they must admit, beyond any doubt about the circumstances, that such lofty spirtual shrines will one day tumble down and be replaced with even better lofty spiritual shrines.  That said, one must never cease to admire the beauty and grandure put into subjugation, and one must always have at the back of their minds chaotic and anarchistic thoughts, if they are ever going to claim to be anything but what they are.  This is true in some cases, but we find many exceptions where ti is obviously false.  And to say obviously is to assume on understands the numerous nuances of a specific trade and way of life, least of all the ways in which humanity goes about doing things, for no reason what so ever, but that is not to say reason is not present in their minds.  An animal, on the other hand, reliant on sensory perception, feels but does not know it is feeling.  This non-self conciousness can be advantageous, but flutes do not make music by themselves, and neither do guns.  The music of a gun is the most beautiful music, perfected when it is not heard by its audience.  But in animals, there is an assumption that they are not human, and many fables and horrible movies will beg and plead to differ on this very controversial case.  Again, it must be restated that space, in all its supposed infinity, will go on forever and never begin, and that time, in all its theoretical no-existance, will go unquestion until someone questions it.  But to question such a thing would be to tie a nuce around one's own neck, and walk obidiently to the nearest strong tree.  The half of the species wearing blue coats understands this, yet colonization persists, as if we have something to prove.  And the white coats and the green ones all agree, everything is what it is unless we disagree.  But there are questions to this, and noticably gaps in logic, and if one can think it, one must not throw it away.  To ask very simple questions and give very complicated answers will result, not in confusion, but in the understanding of one's own eternal confusion.  This may seem the same, and redundance could result, but if thinking is required, no thinking can take place which does not come to some sort of conclusion, even if the conclusion is that there is no conclusion.  As the minutes dwindle down, and it is realized what all is possible in such a short period of time, the answers lie in the very foundation of what is incorrect.  Nothing I say here matters.  It is only what you read.

piliko ©2002
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