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Sept. 18, 2002
volume i, issue iii
The Liver is the Cock's Comb
L. Keith Daniels

Missing soap for salmon
Rushdie said it best for show and worst for naught
And naught is all and all is naught and in the night
we all fall
toward covers and seek heat like beasts
Breasts to nurture and trees to swing
swaying swooning tail-less automatons and pressings of peacock
egoistic jingoistic linguistic baboons
Loping lumpen fleshy bags
resembling caterwauling crows
and birds and sundry eyeballed crawlers
These hairless apes these wretched cisterns
of superstitious garbled static
Prometheus step-children
to whom was given the atomic bomb amen
and eyes to witness degradation of self
and consciousness to bring it
concepts of genius in degree and idiocy in pragmatic
dogmatic application
Lying on that cold bathroom floor of the gods
mankind is a shit stain

L. Keith Daniels ©2002