The best writing in the world, period.  Pling.
August 20, 2002
volume i, issue i
ego coughing
blem vide

hello, my name is phillip
hello phillip                                                         
i was once a woman
now i am a color hue
with a ham fisted
personality device
that makes me
loose screws

hello shasta reeg
shasta reeg says hello

shasta reeg once was a radical
heavy mind
with pamphlet pens
of social ink
and she wrote
her way into environmental
coastal waters
and there she became
a flower
rotting away in beauty

hello, sunflower
weary of crime
who shouts out 12 step
of recovery
seeking after
that sweet stolen
where the babblers
journey is dumb
where the uncouth
while away in the fire
and the frail teachers
shrouded in technique
become numb
to the novelty of tape hiss
and despise
the ground where sunflowers
wish to stand

pretty sunflower artists
stand up
green glass bottles
and urinate a holy stream
into each one
as passerby's walk by
one by one
in cheap clothing
at urinary visions
microwaves of calcium
gut rot brou hah hah
fish treasure
open sores

arise! revolution! yawn! cancel!

jamming! religion! popcorn! etiquette!

hello, my name is che che guevara
hello, che che

che che guevara is a hybrid name
one from a brown idea cluster
two from a pseudonym of a TV dinner
almost a goof on a manegerial coup
for the sake of
rubiks cubes
frosted flakes
ear wax

the bright white light of night
poetry redux

cain and abel
were able to strangle me
i could ejaculate
in the cup of truth
they bought
from a street merchant
in tangiers

you are misinformed
my little hunchback

i feel like a man when
i cower
under the weight
of love

ah, bitch ass
motion sickness
love relove
poetry redux

by television
and a jesus
christ is coming

oh, please
lift me
into your                                                    
waiting arms
blessed muse
of amusement
poetry redux
labba lib glabba

nixon is fixin his mixing board
with cement
and digital clocks

hello, richard
richard wishes to be a thumbtack

i wish i were an older version of a hercules mind drink
so i could rethink my trademark handshake
watch it now!

in the late 70's i could pass for a candycane
if it weren't for my oldsmobile front grill
but my genitals are pure willy wonka

hello, aardvark
i am a word

in fifteen butt first rapid grease sessions
of firetruck new york city please city please
city city

we're having a good time
and if we're not
we're not

this is mostly about my ego
my ego is my three-lettered signal
see, i'm signifying something personal here

this is poetry
at its finest
witching hour
being manipulated by

some people loathe me
even though they don't know me
i would assume
i am stuck in traffic
singing "dead finks don't talk"
loud enough
for eight vehicles around me
to hear

this is a daily excursion
into nothingness
for the sake of
words breeding words
without meaning
getting in the way

know what i mean, charlie?

this is a fucking failure
awful terrible
backassed masking
lingual shopping
with coupons

this is my ego defense
i cop out
of all responsibilty
with the word



1. i was wearing my favorite checkered slacks and no shirt while typing.

2. i was sipping a cranberry/apple fruit drink.

3. my name is not phillip, nor shasta, nor che, nor richard.

4. i sneezed once during the compositional process.

5. i almost made a reference to al-quada (re:taliban) but i wasn't sure how to spell "al-quada", and besides...

6. i was listening to a 1973 album by someone i will not mention, although i made a reference to a song from that album. anyone who knows which album can enjoy that special knowledge and go skipping off into the sunset tomorrow with a popsicle.

7. i ate some tasty texmex food today. vegetable enchiladas with black beans & spanish rice. the salsa that came with my meal was so good, in fact, that i bought a jar after the meal to enjoy in the comforts of my little apartment dwelling.

8. when i was 8 years old i was in a car accident, actually a minor fender-bender. i was not buckled-up and i sustained some bruising on my knees & chest. please buckle-up when you go out driving, folks.

9. i haven't read a book this year. i'm not sad either.

10. i ended the "ego coughing" bit because i am a lazy sod.

11. i decided to add the "notes on text" because i find myself idly bored again.

12. i ended the "notes on text" addendum because, again, because i am a lazy sod and i fatigue quite easily on a keyboard.

13. i walked outside after this sentence (here) was finished.

blem vide ©2002