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Oct. 2, 2002
volume i, issue iv
Something Blue

Sitting across from me,
he offers to share
his blueberries...

Yes, let me taste navy blue
sparkles of sex,
a fresh and warm
from your mouth
to mine

a chance encounter of lips
would be young
and unrehearsed
and any breath I take
from you
is like a new wind
over my body

stain my tongue with yours,
as my hand slips beneath your shirt
and my fingers play
against muscles
whose shadows
torment me
with every movement
you make

flavor my night with a fever I'll carry
into another world,
one I had thought
I would have to die
to reach,
a fever that will forever
disorient me
each time
I taste


if only
he could


my thoughts...

scarlette ©2002