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Nov. 15, 2002
volume i, issue vi
Gha-gha: A Friendly Relation

Press :- Sire, do you think that the bombings will go on?
Caesar :- Gha Gha boom, khi khi, gagalookaboom ka ka...

Press :- Thank you Sire, . What's your opinion on the Middle East West North South situation? Will there be an escalation or...
Caesar :- Gha in my opinion, nevertheless, ka ka ka akaloom will be a better solution to the gha gha kaloom gha gha, potatoes!

Press :- This conflict, marked by decades of distrust; how will it be solved when...
Caesar :- Ghoo gha boom and if this is effective then  gha ghoo gaboomba on their heads!

Press :- This turmoil surprised the experts... are negociations possible?
Caesar :- Gha gha gha G....

Press :- Will the coalition forces continue this war on...I hate this word, Sire...
Caesar :- weeeell..first we gha and then we ghooom, everything is possible after that. Potatoes of course are the best solution that comes to my mind, Gha gha?

Press :- Could you Sire, give us a briefing on your country's contribution to the Kyoto issues?
Caesar :- ghaaa, yes ghaaa is about to unfold in our Policy, there are gha-ghas which we have to consider first, but then again...Gha-Gha boomkaka-ka-ka-lamaboom...especially the last!

Press :-Any comments Sire, on the World Bank's policy on the Third World debts?
Caesar :- kooKaKa-gha gha k..k..anyway we certainly care, you see our family values...

Press :-How prepared are we Sire, to a potential respond on a terrorist attack?
Caesar :- ka-ka-ka-etc., etc.,+ after them, and those who protect them...

Press :- There are serious accusations that this upcoming agreement on the Amazon Rain Forest Investment will...
Caesar :- Stop it Jack, you know, we all know, this country knows ,that we Gha-gha- gha and ghaboomkaka loomakaloom, Ok Jack?

Press :- Who did Tom Cruise divorce ?
Caesar :- Come on Jack... no tricky questions, Nicole Kidman of course.

Press :- One L last and final question Sire...Have you read "The Little Prince?" by Saint Exupery?
Caesar :-........-------gha-------gha---->over and out---->GhaaaaBooooM!!

(I woke up, what a nightmare...! I opened my window, took a deep breath, thinking, how lucky we are, that these things do not happen in reality. )

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