The best writing in the world, period.  There is proof.
Dec. 5, 2002
volume i, issue vii
free at last

I have to conclude that I really have no choice but that what is is only what I verb. But this is Verboten this verb. And as long a I am I am but to say more than that is sumption
Short of Death and so... the Limitless Edit will end.
But inclined to plot I seem I must. It's a Tragedy It's
a Comedy It's recognizable. So Short of IT, I Determine,
is realizable and so dependent on limited mumble mumble. Like to pee
mumble mumble hopes to pee and really pee. (mumble mumble) says to pee will bring
will BRING It will deliver "me" to...
I'm at war w' that asshole That Asshole Breathes He breathes his Shit.


My last day alive


The point is "Fear" . The point is also keep writing keep writing The fingers but forget me not I am all tha I can be
Yes it's unfortunate.

An artist has to change. He has to change NOW and he has to forget Him High Exalted Self and Just Just Keeping Its it takes time the goal is total control just go no fear The fisical is limiting that is the key That   ISThe KEY. Those self placed obstacles

NO WRONG They come randomly It tells you to stop you know not why it isn't real it isn't ""free of mind Oh so it hurts to be confined by a keyboard oh it kills the artist the right now i'm going artist the i don't need tp,ale those corrections artis you see h ow i digress to even to make sense to myself in this ever changing thing how the mistakes build when i am not     in time i am not    the artist is dying 'cause he nos knot what he is dying for and god to id oy yuo lib vsudr ehsy zi esny yo nr id do rfiyrf dorfiyri yhsy yhrtr id no esy yo krr[ up eiiyth it's left me there but to you no matter 'cause you do not exist there it's only the process that counts...     sure it sneaks in with it's short life how long how many it is not fair to ask me to actually know myself does time have to depend on the practical 'live in this world ability fades in and out of predominancy and the artist isNOT mumble mumble that mumble mumble that... Wait I never will be a mumble mumble that EXISTS in only ITself. It hurts it want to go now It will go now because you are what you do and at least will Do.. Well I see some of the real now has changed and i am am falling i am becoming scared mumble mumble is not an artist .... The Artist ONLY exists When the mumble mumble is Actuating and the life creeps back in to kill the artist The artist dies with Fear That unfortunate mumble mumble in NOT the ARTIST just that Actuator is the artist the thing does not exist when the thinking is only thinking about it self And so I see
Fuck    mumble mumble Yes and the sound the music you can't hear is here is 'cause you you are not you are only written the fingers do it if it wasn't for fingers you would not exist you You me You Me In this time Come now How dare you The Artist is Dead BECAUSE WHO? Cares ? Really... The real now The Artist Dies because He realizes He must Quit The artist isn't the man who pisses who sleeps who thinks yeah that's what destroys him He has to think He has do something BUT be the Artist... He doesn't count...He has to live as this 'mumble mumble' person and that suck "mumble mumble" person struggle. He FEAR He FEAR That what he do. 

A Benediction:
"Wake me up Now, dear Lord, this "mumble mumble" is So limiting He kills my every moment with his Complexes w' his Memory w' his problems with his insistence on parameter creating Fear....
If I could only dispense with this... O>K> So III He wants it bad he wants to live. He wants me to pee... Or... At any time I may blank out here 'cause he is I'm Hurting... I admit it Now but he won't take me over I must exist ... He's killing me Now He's Killing me Now There is not other ... Look... you have to quit Looking for the "Artist" He Cancels That - IT is only when it does Things are "does" they are

The obstacles are many they are the fisical world They are the masses Come to me sweet Artis The mMuse... Leave this place of fingers of thoughts of worlds it bites it ki=lls the finger death the need for sustenance the other than but don't believe Me i'm just the product
The Artist remains only Hinted At and BeComing.
Yes I know... But I Keep Becoming the mumble mumble THIS Limiting Creature of Fingers Of KeyBoards of all this Naming this Naming This Naming The artist is only Words Will only be Words ... Recognizable Words It's Only this Finger Action This Finger Action That IS....... ...

The contradiction is the thinking of Thought is the artistry ... It is not.. The finger motion of the words that are thought is the Artistry That is what ART is but shucks...

The thing is this: I Have to Tell mumble mumble that IIIII Am........ You don't know me mumble mumble, just Make the Finger Motion!

You cocksuck. You mumble mumble.  I Hate You. You Fuck! You Ego-Centric -What-Is-This-World-I-Perceive Fuck


It's a Predominance Of Time That can help you, I think. Sure... but basically fuck mumble mumble don't let that mumble mumble character consume you or Dominate you.. He isn't worth it.
(Who has the advantage.. Does that mumble mumble creature have the advantage? Then Kill Him Kill him. DEAD?)

How deep is the a priori is only Determined with thought
Because Only... (Sure that mumble mumble is quite a Character. But why Should he Dominate
Only thru these words go I (and then you are Dead)

chi chi ©2002
suicide note
chi chi