The best writing in the world, period.  There is proof.
Dec. 5, 2002
volume i, issue vii
how fair indeed
this is an attempt to turn pithy drivel into an almost interesting small mass of words
i'll just continue along this sentenced path until something interesting turns up
if not in the third line
maybe in the fourth?
I could try to strike up a myth right now
maybe a reference to my lack of formal education
or a clever word pun might make this paragraph worthwhile
but it ain't happening

this is what a piece of writing looks like when it is deliberately conscious of itself
(you are so sexy) (i mean this may not be a literary high-water mark but damn you're so sexy)
(oh I could writhe on the floor & come on myself without any direct stimulation right now)

also, i find that i feel most inspired to write when i'm in obligations to NOT write
like when i call in "sick" to work & drink good wine in the morning, I just end up
walking the city all day & singing to myself
but when i'm at work & busy with mundane multi-tasks, my head is reeling with clever
fragments, melodies, rhymes & phrases
of course i always drop what i'm doing & jot the ideas down
but my work "productivity" declines & the supervisory bees start sniffing me
etc etc

alright enough of that, i wanted to write something here but not what i wrote above

uh true human due fly lock glock handgun glockenspiel talk dome floating sphere
like farmers daughters & their homey thighs & why's to rinse rural water tanks
roman catholic target practice with popes condom breath mints & radio free europe
bloom fuming sunflowers & van goghs earache obviously for style & shock value
hey baby que paso y united states of consciousness & america the illusion of god on our side
the united states of advertising & lawyer speak at lunchtables & police orgies
i carry a taperecorder with me at all times so please feel free to speak your mind
toward my front right shirt pocket
when i was four years old i had an older brother who was stoned on psychedelic logics
and he gave me a tapeplayer & headphones & grateful dead & a cocaine marijuana
quaalude "reality what a concept" recording of a hyper comedian goofing in the late '70's
i track down references that pass thru my ears for a living
i'm thinking of starting a conversational/pizza delivery service where you can order a pizza & the guy who brings it
will sit & chat with you about all manner of strange occurances like bermuda triangle or DMT or just ridiculous moody jokes & all that for the small price of  $10.99...wow!...pizza & a poor hack poet in your livingroom for $10.99 a pop
sure beats telling the same old recyled stories you & your beer buddies toss around, huh
or else maybe because since after always when during then before again proper subject ongoing somewhere once
or twice or thrice or rice hyperbole rivers of death & napalm burn between the toes & top 40 hit bestseller success
suck eggs suck a cesspool suck all generalizations into one fell swoop of a label goddammit all truth is false and that is the one gospel noble truth amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me i once was lost but now i'm found and i'm one hundred percent sunny californian beach boy summertime summertime sum-sum summertime

well that about ends today's experiment
if it sucks, well, that isn't my problem now is it?
this piece was brought you by a grant from the McKesky Corporation "Radical Solutions for a Changing World"

I also rely heavily on my Poetry Handbook....wet dewy fields & my loves passion come to thee...ah how fair is thee...
wink wink nudge nudge

blem vide ©2002
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