The best writing in the world, period.  There is proof.
Dec. 5, 2002
volume i, issue vii
ah to flawed
when ernest hemmingway shot himself in the head
he left a legacy for his daughters

too much booze in key west i suppose
living with a contradiction

oh well

i still am very annoyed with lizzie grubman
i sometimes go into a obsessive compulsive state
it's not fun
i can't stop it
like the drummer from def lepper
i must stay active to quiet the voices
somewhere momosas are drunk with impunity
and the drinkers wear white
till labor day
and never stain the shirts with ketchup
not me
not me
not me
i sat on a park bench many years ago
i was dressed too warmly
i had escaped the ashram
i was playing a wooden ocarena
in central park
two benches down sat john lennon
he listened
we never exchanged words
after rehaps and years in church basements
a cold beer taste like ambrosia
i wish you could feel like
i do now
i wish i could feel like
i did then"
frank eager
the problem
my favorite poem of all time
i can still hear him saying
tojo safe me a cotton
the china man died
in a lonely room
in a lonely room
the hospital infected him
after years of surviving as a suburban junkie
the hospital killed him
9sometimes i think i would drink
green tea
and eat vegetables
and rise early and meditate
i would work long hours
then a movie i haven't seen for a while is on at two a.m.
i'm an insomniac
if i close my eyes too soon
i see bad things
i don't drink mamosa's
and i have killed no one
there is something i wish too confess
regarding the aforementioned but this is not the appropriate place
when all is said and done
and soft foods
and clear skies are enough
what's the last thought
i was drowning in the colarado river
i had jumped on an inner tube with a stranger
with a head full of .....
i went down for the third time and begged for mercy
i knew it would break my parents hearts if they exumed
the body and did and atopsy
l.s.d and beers for breakfast death for luch
i was shot out of the river
i was
i saw a white light as i headed to the surface
i still didn't change
sometimes people are love
sometimes they aren't
time is a funny thing
i wonder if frank zappas balls fried from cancer
cause he was bitter?
16 if you are stupid do you live longer?
after one reads something
that perhaps eviscerates all pasts beliefs
what then

yetoll ©2002
ernest hemingway shoots himself in the head