The best writing in the world, period.  There is proof.
Jan. 5, 2003
volume i, issue viii
jesus is a name i do not like.
it makes me think of grand poobahs,
creamy peaches and blind sundays.

this won the let's hear it for butter award
at the local fair.

rah rah rah.

take I
   the I 
   stairs I
     all the I  
       way to  I
           ground  I   
                level   I



                                   I therefore am to think

darling is a dress i wear. it's pretty and makes me waltz. i like these saturday night spread your legs contests. all the girls wear sweaters they have to take off. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyaah! do so.
i saw a movie about a woman who pretended that she was riding a bucking bronco. this made me think of when I was a boy and used to slice sugar cane up with aoh, you get the idea.

i will buy a flower stencil and paint pictures of flowers on my wall. crafting is so much fun when you have the right tool.

but look. my eyes are innocent. like. like.

and there were ideas for places that were stolen by place stealing people. i know who they are. they like to sit outside my window and listen to me talk about my future empires. they stole my idea for something i called a country. now they are everywhere and i haven't seen a penny. the letter f. but I have other ideas. stenciltown. jesus is a name I do not like village. sugarcane rides a bucking bronco city in the sky.

i had dreams. i still have some left. they didn't take everything from me.


sean. ©2002
the letter f