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Jan. 5, 2003
volume i, issue viii
it's not time to go.
i just saw god. was that you?
i cant tell you unless you know.
ok, i know.
you know -now-.
(    )

(                 )


i just saw you again. am i hallucinating?
hallu! hello-goodbye. greeting you as you turn away-ing?
(pause,); (wink)

he's not what i want to see when i look in the mirror.
i know. but he's not part of me. that means he's part of you.
(for the readers: 'he' is the current work)
what happens if i look away? maybe it's only my looking, distorting the image that otherwise would have no flaw.
no, the last one had the same complaints.
hmmm. (hmmm).

unfortunately, they dont make makeup for the fractured soul. and so i must embark on the Task of Repairing the Mirror.

the god flies away, not able to do for me, the angels would laugh at my incompetence and make fun of my lack of independence.

indie ©2002
hallucinating that i'm seeing god (again)