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Jan. 21, 2003
volume i, issue ix
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i've never told you about alice who was completely off the cuff and stuffed into this little gray box. she thought the only way to not suffocate is to grow larger and maybe, just maybe, break out of this little gray box. so she commenced to grow but she had many insecurities about exactly how she should grow. i mean, you don't want to grow ugly extensions or freakish proportions in areas that will cause alarm. oh no. you wouldn't want to be a girl like that. you want to be well rounded and sophisticated and fill a tidy box. but be slim and agile as well. and elegant. but alas, it is hard to feel elegant all scrunched in a tiny gray box. it's easy to feel rounded but not well rounded. just squishy rounded like one of those cat balls that don't bounce. but then she noticed that as she yearned she began to stretch herself vertically and she could envision a time when this little gray box could be rectangular rather than square and tall enough to stand up in. this was a crucial moment. somehow by seeming accident or coincidence of intent (actually by clicking on the expansion square in the top right corner) alice just a girl in the age of the internet's world expanded into the rectangle she envisioned, except horizontally, so that now she could at least stretch out while lying.

this was quite comfortable lying here and not having to think about much. and much more comfortable than to be yearning against what seemed to be the will of nature or of god or of whoever might have put this little gray box here and her inside of it so she let herself lie and then she took a very very long nap and giggled a lot until all was silent in the little gray box.

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gray alice
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