Feb. 12, 2003
volume i, issue x
this killed
Fachane B. Keltroy

I am altab creeb, peand.
Ulahan hage wameles.

I am a latatuningally
not latuge or concraphest.

I have c-9 to douge into
cosmos ki rice batter
rekerse, reverve,
recourse; of course.

An din it whim will. If I  couphoul.
Then one may dixt to my four.
Sung conquest. Sung sawnbet.

In drove "if we qualist we also quaine"
(so does letter mawlett)

This matter is stine.
When go jiks. Eout we spit.
You - wattered as round can leave
a dice of wabi pawn.

If I may very, triplet.
Over I once, again.

Stop bravely, fifty kneanches.

But as eyes keechy melt oltor verms.

Sard beri culture (kenavinge).

Yule frinangen kep achay vowed, rolled,  rowed.
Too many late, gakation.
Lave binner dand quin. Quaine me's.

I bawl free.

Fachane b. Keltroy using "jeek delroy" in fifth misshaion.
As sand ashes into circatua. Manalinch.

Two kings poor to ropskies. Have vinichnat.

Volute ampishire. Volute geenchire.
Volute mockshire. Volute volutire.
Volute torn volutire. Volute morm redorf.

Only in sand. In only maggages.

Destand crampaggs. Stanm akaggs.
The amp flags of passion. Unkapst.
Crops are maned in guttalsi. Up.
Agawon. I supter. Sun blackness.

"On toma volute nagavini!"

Quabire. Quabire.

(c)fachane b. keltroy 2003