Feb. 12, 2003
volume i, issue x
this killed
Vinyl Secret

He opened the door fast, jumped in, turned to look at me and grinned a toothy grin that let me know he had been smoking something while I sat out in the cold with my swish swish for company. "Fuck baby, this is revolutionary, I know it!" he spat a little when he said that last syllable. He did that sometimes, spat when he talked. You could watch the spit gather in the corners of his mouth when he talked a lot. And he usually talked a lot, so there was a lot of spit. Before he kissed me I'd always make him wipe the spit out, I didn't want to kiss that much wetness, reminded me too much of my Gran's dog. "Here, hold this for a second" he handed me a roach that was still warm. "I got that for you, I felt bad about you sittin' out here while I was smokin' a doob dog!", he laughed real hard at that last part, threw his head back. "Oh Lord, now you're gonna talk like a yo dog, I know your fuckin' high". He looked at me and smiled with the spit again, started the car and pulled out with the heat finally going and "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangter" by the Ghetto Boys bumpin'. That was his "prowling song" or at least that's what he called it as he'd lean way back, put his dark head on the vinyl seat back and nod with the beat. Another white boy wanting to be urban when you knew he grew up in a brick ranch house with a fuckin' Labrador and a mom that called him "Sweetness". All those boys are the same, but this white boy was mine for the time being until I found someone with a better ride and more "skills".

"So, you gonna tell me about this shit or you gonna just sit there grinnin' like you know something I don't?". He put his right hand on his chin and started rubbing the stubble with his fingers. "I don't know baby, I don't know if you're ready to understand this yet, its real revolutionary and you have to see it to believe it". Leaning towards me at the stoplight he asked for a kiss. "Give me some of that sweet lip and I might tell you my secret". "Wipe your mouth first". He wiped with the sleeve from his pullover. As I leaned in he gave me his sexy smile and put his lips to mine. His lips were warm and his tongue tasted like sweet weed. I sucked on it for a minute, bit his bottom lip like he liked it and ran my hand up his thigh. "You better tell me boy or you ain't gettin' any tonight". He pulled away and laughed a good laugh. He knew I'd give it up even if he didn't tell me. The boy had a nice cock, I cant deny that. It was like 7 or 8 inches and smooth as silk. I loved suckin' that dick and I loved riding it even more. He knew that and used it against me all the goddamn time. He moved my hand to rest on the bulge in his khaki's, "you know you want this, you know you do" and winked at me.

The light changed and he went back to driving. First thing he did was rewind the Ghetto Boys tape so he could listen to his song again. Over and over with that song, every night when we were out lookin' for something to get into. "Listen, you better tell me what happened in there, what's so fuckin' revolutionary or you're gonna hear it from me all fuckin' night". "Alright, I'll tell you, calm the fuck down baby, but first we gotta go hook up with somebody else, somebody that's gonna give us all the info we need". He leaned his head back against the seat bobbing his head to the rhythm and watching the road out of  two slits for eyes. I kept rubbing his hard dick and watching him, watching his mind roll his secret over and over. I knew that if I kept at him to tell me it wouldn't get me anywhere and I'm a smart enough girl to know the boys like to have their secrets, I'd get it out of him soon anyway. I had my ways and knew how to get what I wanted out of this boy. It was pussy, that's all he wanted and needed just like all the others. If you're looking for secrets, take off your panties and they'll tell you everything.

"Pull over". "Why?". "Cause I want to ride you". I took my hand off his dick, took my Nike's off, wiggled my jeans down my hips all before he had parked behind the warehouse. "Are you wet already?". "What do you think, I've been rubbin' your cock for ten minutes". He unzipped his pants and pulled them down just past his ass. The boy never wore any underwear, he said he liked them "to swing". I think he just didn't like doin' much laundry myself. "Wait, let me rewind the song". We even fucked to this fuckin' song, but that's alright, its got a nice rhythm. He rewound the song and I sucked on him for a minute, smooth as silk he was. I'd roll my tongue around the head and his legs would jerk, "damn baby, you got a magic tongue". The song was playing, I slipped out of my panties, he wiped his mouth and I squeezed between him and the steering wheel. I put my mouth right on his and exhaled as I put him inside me. "Fuck baby, your pussy is the fuckin' best". He always sounded like he was in pain whenever I was fuckin' him, but I knew it was good for him, he wanted to come as soon as I would start to move, beg me, "stop, just for a second, don't move!". So I'd stop and just wiggle my hips a little, roll them around then I'd start sliding him in and out of me fast till he'd throw his head back, grab my hair with his fists, close his eyes tight and come. "Fuck! I didn't think I'd come that soon baby, really I didn't". "Its alright, don't worry about that shit, you know I liked it anyway". I climbed off him, used a shirt from the back to clean myself up, passed it to him and got dressed.

"Where we goin' to meet these guys?". He was still pulling his pants up, still shaking, I liked to see him shaking. "Um, hell, I cant remember". He was rubbing his forehead now, trying to think. "Oh shit yeah, over at Foley's garage". I fucked a mechanic on the hood of a Corvette once at Foley's, I didn't tell him that. "One of the tire guys is workin' this deal too and has keys". So we backed out of the parking lot of the warehouse and left for Foley's with his song playing again.

When we got there he drove behind the place. There was a few cars parked out back and a blue van that looked familiar to me. He turned the car off, looked at me and said "you sit here, I'll go inside, check these guys out, come back and get you, okay?". "Yeah, but leave me the fuckin' keys this time, I ain't freezing my ass off again waitin' on you". He said that was cool, but I cant run the car the whole time cause we were low on gas. "Get warm then turn it back off". He got out, looked around like a gangster checkin' the place and walked towards the back door. Somebody opened it after he knocked, I couldn't see who it was, just some light and him going inside. I started the car, turned the radio on and laid back listening to some song with a twangy guitar and a guy singin' about having a broken heart. Yeah, don't we all.

About half an hour went by before he came back out with a bunch of guys all lookin' like him except for one that looked like a dirty old uncle. They walked to the blue van, opened the back doors and all stood around looking at something and punching each other in the arms. They were all laughin' like they had just heard the best joke or won the lottery. A couple of the guys started wrestling around on the concrete, one fell and started yelling at the other guy about his "best fuckin' pants" being torn. All asses to me. All stupid white boys trying to make some money without getting a job. Fuck it though, I ain't got a job either so this "deal" better bring me some money too. I sat there watching them running my nails up and down my coat to hear the swish swish wanting my boy to come back and tell me what's in the van. He was hollering with the rest of them until the dirty old uncle yelled at them all to "shut the fuck up". Didn't they know it was late and they weren't exactly obeying the law here? Its always late and we're never obeying the law, didn't he know that?

My boy came back to the car after saying he'd see them all tomorrow and talk of "fuckin' rich man!". He slid in the drivers seat bringing cold air with him. "What the hell is in the van?!". He threw his head back again and laughed. "Fuckin' jackpot baby, that's what!". He put his hand up to shut me up and started playing his song. "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta, a real gangsta ass nigga plays his cards right, a real gangsta ass nigga never runs his fuckin' mouth cause real gangsta ass nigga's don't start fights".

We drove away from Foley's with me staring a hole in the side of his face about to blow up on his ass. He just smiled and said "just you wait baby, I'm gonna make you so much fuckin' money you'll wanna suck my cock every fuckin' minute". I decided to give him the silent treatment and just stare out the window watching the street lights reflecting on the wet road. He hated it when I was quiet, bothered him more than anything. We rode like that for a while until he told me to spark up that roach. I lit it, inhaled most of it and passed it to him. We smoked and listened to his song, me staring out the window. "Hey, are you pissed at me baby?" "Don't be pissed at me". "Well, fuckin' tell me what the hell your big fuckin' secret is!". He laughed again and said he liked making me beg. "I ain't beggin' for shit motherfucker, its probably dumb anyway". "Its not dumb, trust me". He stretched out the U in trust like that made me want to. "Truuuust me". I was gettin' pissed by now. I had sat in the cold waiting on him, fucked him, and sat in the cold again, I had earned the right to know what was goin' on. "Why ain't you tellin' me, its not fair, if I'm your girl you cant keep secrets from me". "You are my girl, but these boys don't play and I'm sworn to secrecy baby, you know how it is with these things". Yeah, I knew, I had a few secrets of my own. I had somebody else I was seein' that he didn't know about, someone who's cock wasn't all that, but he was smooth like this white boy was not. "Just take me home, I'm fuckin' tired of this dumb shit and I wanna sleep". "Aww, don't be like that, you know I'd tell you if I could". He looked at me like I was supposed to jump in his lap and lick his face, spit and all. "Take me home".

He pulled up outside my grandma's house and shut off the car. "Please baby, you know I love you, I cant stand for you to be pissed at me". "Then you shouldn't keep dumb fuckin' secrets from me!". I opened the door, stepped out and slammed it shut. "Hey!". He had got out of the car and was standing with one foot in, one foot out. "Pick you up tomorrow?". I looked at this white boy hard and tossed my hair behind me. "Why should I say yes to your stupid white ass?". He smiled. "Cause your smart white ass needs this". He thought he was cute. "Yeah, and don't be late this time, Gran gets fuckin' pissed if I hang around too much". He winked, blew me a kiss and got back in the car. I stood there watching him drive away bumpin' his song, me knowing he was leaning and nodding his head to the rhythm. Dumb white boy with the beautiful cock and  big dumb secret.

(c)marcie 2003