Feb. 10, 2003
volume i, issue x
this killed
does god make housecalls?
Owen Hollifield

I would love to put the whole world in my pocket, no I
really would. It would be snug and warm next to my
half eaten candy bar and my loose change. In fact I
would like to put the whole Universe in there as well,
to keep earth company but lets face it, my pocket
probably wouldn't be big enough for all of them, maybe
I could leave Pluto out?

Maybe one day I could go on television, to show people
how I could put the world in my pocket, yeah that
would be great, I could be famous, maybe even go on
The David Letterman © show.
If I had the world in my pocket do you think people
would pay more attention to me? Maybe they would make
me President of Earth, no wait, something even better,
Junior Vice President of Earth, yeah that would be
cool. I would like to be able to hold earth in the
palm of my hand, to have the little people look up at
me, then I would be the important one for a change.
Sometimes I feel so unwanted, I feel that no one wants
to know me, the real me I mean. Days go by that I
don't seem to see, I just hide myself away inside my
little cocoon of a life. I don't even see my parents
any more they stopped visiting me ages ago probably
around the same time I got the idea that the world
belongs inside my pocket.

My neighbors wont even talk to me, no conversations
over the back fence, no coming around to borrow a cup
of sugar, no inviting me to the many all night raves
that they hold. Maybe they think I'm too stupid or
ugly to come to their get together, well they can
think what they want but I don't think I'm ugly and I
am certainly not stupid, I came top in all my remedial
English classes, so there.

Some times I wish I was rich, I wish I had lots of
money, a nice big house and a flashy car, I think
people would like me more if I was rich, hey maybe I
can buy the world if I have enough money, they say
that money can buy you happiness and that would surely
make me happy.

I once had God speak to me, he spoke to me one day
when I was painting the bedroom, he said to find him
would lead me to ultimate happiness but to be honest
if God doesn't make house calls I ain't going to be
finding him any time soon.

Some times I worry about us, me and my friend Dave. I
worry about me because I never go any where, I never
get to go out on dates with girls, it seems life just
passes me by, oh well at least I am better off than
Dave, he doesn't even go out side of my head, he just
sits in there, talking to me all day, telling me to
set fire to things.

Some times I think there are people coming for me, in
the nights I hear people pounding on the door, saying
they want to help me but I am not falling for that one
again, the last time I opened the door they locked me
in a cupboard for two years.

I used to look at the naughty pictures in the
magazines, all those naked women sitting there, naked.
I used to look at them for hours until one day I
noticed they were looking back, very creepy. Now all I
do all day is talk to Dave, he is my only friend. What
do we talk about? Oh the usual, where we went last
night, the episode of friends that we watched
together, the usual. Some times we have deep and
meaningful conversations, I ask him if he thinks the
universe will fit inside my extra big jacket pockets,
he says that it wouldn't quite be big enough, he says
if I burn the world a bit first it would make it fit
much easier, do you know what? I think he might be

(c)owen hollifield 2002