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Thanks to you (you know who you are) the New Short Stories 6 project has been successful.

Coming soon to Pretend Genius an interview with Roddy Doyle, in and out famous author and the judge for the 2011-12 Willesden Herald New Short Stories competition.

Past judges:  Zadie Smith, Maggie Gee, Richard Peabody, Rana Dasgupta

Happy trails.

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volume 5, issue ix, 12.10.2011:

Vaudeville Balance, The General, Cuffs Rolled
Julia W. Roberts

Argentina (dialysis)
Jorge Jorge

Shards of Rain
Shiloh Sanchez

Kitty’s Thud and Cry
Jessica Karbowiak

“Me, Brighid!”
Lindsay Reid

Changming Yuan

Kevin Wu

And We All Fall Down
Rich Murphy

A. Frank Bower

My Rump Hurts Disorder
Heath Corlew