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When we are old we must save play for the young.  Surrender it in shame and in shame accept their ridicule.  To walk the gauntlet of cobras and feel the animal blood in our spine.  To go blind.  To die before we reach the end.  That is our end.  Who could be reproached for thinking that such a creature could ever inspire awe?  Here in my face ships cross the sea and descend into the vitreous.  

--Sir Lady Carfax

volume 6, issue i, 1.14.2012:

I Versus I Feuds at the Self’s Introspective Fronts
Aamir Aziz

A Flash of Lightning
Jackie Kabir

A Prayer Circle
John Himmelheber

Rorschach and other poems
Chelsea Cargill

Larry Smith

Gleening Grin Reepers
Leo Madrid

The Wall
Matt Cowper

I want to sleep
Joey Zimmerman

My Portland Story
Hannah Goldbaum

>11 with Roddy Doyle:

Renowned author Roddy Doyle has graciously agreed to judge this year’s Willesden Herald New Short Stories Competition (sponsored by Willesden Herald and Pretend Genius—fresh, sleek, healthy, bold, and good-looking-making).  Pretend Genius chatted with Roddy for its brand new interview series called “>11”—interviews that look trickily as if they are comprised of only 11 questions but are, in fact, infinite