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*The short list for the Willesden Herald international new short stories competition 2012 has been announced.  Please visit Willesden Herald for more information. 

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volume 6, issue iii, 3.24.2012:

African days, African nights
Cat Fenton

If I Were King
Nels Hanson

Matthew Vasiliauskas

Seven Minutes
Alexandra Riera

Cooking for the Beasts
Mark Sheerin

Alternative Time (and other poems)
W.M. Rivera

Call me Mike
Priyanka Joseph

Ruth Aylett

Natural Justice
Samuel Wright

>11 with Roddy Doyle:

Renowned author Roddy Doyle has graciously agreed to judge this year’s Willesden Herald New Short Stories Competition (sponsored by Willesden Herald and Pretend Genius—fresh, sleek, healthy, bold, and good-looking-making).  Pretend Genius chatted with Roddy for its brand new interview series called “>11”—interviews that look trickily as if they are comprised of only 11 questions but are, in fact, infinite