a pretend genius broadsuction
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pretend genius [press]* presents
the writethis.com banned words poetry contest 2007

the winner and 2 muy buenos...

and the winner is:  what's her name

the 2 muy buenos: are what's his name
and what's her name

the 2 muy buenos receive a grand nothing, but the winner gets something. so we'll contact what's her name and get her something.

note:  we may publish some of the utter shite in the coming days and/or weeks. 


writethis.com told you to never use them again but writethis.com being writethis.com didn’t listen to writethis.com.  the banned words are now available for use in the banned words potery** contest 2007.

The winner and honorable mentions to be published on the writethis.com site.

The winner, in addition to receiving the great honor that comes with such a victory, will also receive his/her choice of either 1) a classy, sophisticated piece of apparel:  the ‘i am a  pretend genius’ t-shirt, which completes any his or her tout ensemble, or 2) his/her choice of book from the pretend genius [press] catalogue.

Use all or most of the banned words in a poem and send the poem to banned@writethis.com.  We may like the poem better if you use only one or two of the banned words but you won't win this contest.  The closer to all, the better your chances.

Submission window:  Apr. 1, 2007 – Apr. 30, 2007.  Winner and honorable mentions to be announced May 6th on writethis.com.

Tell your friends.


*our loving sponsor

**poetry written using the banned words is officially known as 'potery'

Author reserves all rights.  Yep.