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Cult ends in mass suicide - World Exclusive
Feargal Mooney

All the members of the Thisian cult have committed suicide. In an echo of the Heaven's Gate story, this group had a virtual basis, using online message boards and websites to communicate. They were followers of a mysterious guru chi chi, and believed in cryptic scriptures written in a so-far indecipherable code. It is not clear if all the leaders are really dead, as there was no identification on any of the bodies. The group conducted financial dealings and presented a rather bland front to the public via their public website, which is currently displaying the suicide notes and last words of some of the members, updated shortly before the horrific discoveries at various locations from Los Angeles to Baltimore, and a college campus in Maryland. It is believed they drank poison. Police sources hinted that the doors of the premises where they were discovered may have been locked from the outside. "It was pitiful," said Sgt. O'Malley of Baltimore P.D. "Why did they have to take the children with them?"


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