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to This.
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Why are you asking me for money?

We're trying something new here at WriteThis.  One of the sleazy trends in recent years has been for sites to ditch their principles of free content for all and start subscription-based services that
provide some free content to entice people into paying for better, exclusive content.  The only problem was that it wasn't better and it wasn't exclusive.

We'd like to keep WriteThis free. So, inspired by our recent bills and the costs of keeping the site ad free and pop-up free, we've decided to ask you, "How much is WriteThis worth to you?".  Whatever the answer, we invite you to say it with money.

Sounds great, but where does this money go?

The small payments we collect will go toward our operating expenses.  Your donations will keep WriteThis up and running (and free of pop-up ads).

Alright you poor bastards, how can I donate?

We offer one of the most safe and secure method of online payment: PayPal.