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Jan. 21, 2002
volume i, issue ix

i dropped my glove
The writeThis.com writing duel.

we at writethis.com occasionally have our readers in mind.  that's why we're always looking for interesting, commercial free programming with a little bit of blood, just enough sex, and plenty of suspense to bring to them:  the writeThis.com writing duel.  from time to time emotions run wild, egos get out of hand, and challenges are issued.  the writeThis.com duel pits two worthy opponents against each other with the extremely fair and unbiased moderator setting the parameters of the duel.  after each piece is written and posted, voting follows.  this is usually how they start.  this is an example of the duel parameters, pieces, voting, and the carnage that ensues.  we shall make announcements.  if you'd like to issue a challenge to someone (i don't know to who(m)), and you are not a member of the writeThis.com community, you may do so here (but you'll have to join to duel).  by the way, we might allow you to vote from here.  we'll see.
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