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an interview with
Kenji Siratori
may 2003

wt:  i'll start by simply asking if you read the blem vide interview?

ks:  Yes. I have read the blem vide interview.
wt:  we're running this piece of yours called "experiment". what's the deal here, kenji? are you writing the original in japanese then using translating software to render it into english?

ks:  my writing is no translation...it's a hyperreal genetic-code...

wt:  are you prepared to confirm that you've been data=mutant FUCKNAM_gene
integrating with somone named secretia, whose genetic coding runs amok at
certain times of the month, and is the source of your hyperreal genetic-code
non-translations? or can their source be found elsewhere?

ks:   yes, my writing functions as gene-dub on the hardweb, nomad of nerve cells
circulates...to describe the emotion of speed...and to perceive out of the
brain...their source pass our body-encoder as data=mutant...while forming
reptilian=HUB to the pituitary.

wt:  what ramification does war in iraq have on the emotion of speed? and on the secretian of phlegm in the pituitary gland? furthermore, how will this effect your data=mutant writing function?

ks:  well, interface of a war outputs us to the hardweb of nerve physics...this
genetic violence is on the thought of elimination...by noise & loop the
data=mutant writing fuck up interface of a war...so our archival

wt:  did you read larry reads blood electric live on tv?

at this point kenji left the room...his whereabouts=unknown on the genedub
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