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Apr. 15, 2003
volume i, issue xii
[cue jazzy music...]

[scene opens to beautiful women wearing bathing suits holding babies and smoking cigarettes. camera holds on pretty blonde with a newport then cuts to Larry. Behind Larry are seven fat women and 2 dogs all facing the opposite direction and pretending to be mimes...]

Larry: Hello TV audience. My name is Larry.

[balding man runs to Larry and hands him a Coke. Larry holds the Coke up and smiles.]

Larry: Dumb people of America and the world over. I command you to deny you are dumb and pretend I am not talking to you. Call yourself smart, educated and well read even though you have probably never heard of Kenji Siratori.

[person in gorilla suit walks behind Larry and feigns having sex with 1 fat woman and 2 dogs. Coke disappears from Larry's hand replaced by the book "Blood Electric"]

[jazz music morphs into jazzy club remix]

Larry: In my hand is a book. Reading takes place in the flesh and it uses eye muscles. I have used eye muscles just now to blink. It is a strange and exciting thing to use muscles in ways never dreamed of or truly thought of until the moment of conception. What that means is as important as dreams are to a child. You do not want to deny dreams to children do you?

[a loud NO erupts from the crowd]

Larry: Do not deny the dreams of children. Do not deny the dreams of idiots. Do not deny your own dreams. These are not magical things. Is it too much to conceive that you think too much as it is? Let your dreams wash the feet DNA and recycle them into silicon and gum wrappers. Dance all night to sound of rain. Dance my children. Dance.

[Larry begins dancing. The 7 fat women, 2 dogs and the gorilla run off stage and are replaced by nothing. The light dims.]

[a lone piano plays in the distance]

[Larry stops dancing]

Larry: I have stopped dancing.

[Larry smiles]

Larry: I smile at you.

[Larry sits on a chair and opens the book somewhere in the middle. Larry makes a fake cough like noise.]

Larry: "Crucified memory transfiguration labyrinth::digital vampires gorge ADAM Doll memory feedback in silver orgone orgies::massacre of the spectre that the boy joints to the brain of the ADAM Doll"

[Larry stares into the camera using his eyes.]

[1 entire minute passes]

[Larry raises one eyebrow while continuing to stare into the camera]

[mighty mouse music begins to play. the outline of a midget can be seen in the background carrying a what looks to be a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 AE.]

Larry: Labels are to be made and remade and dreamed on this very night. Life begins at death. What now lies beneath your fingers? What now? What now?

[a terrible noise is made]

Larry: What is that terrible noise?

[Larry looks around him in a near panic. Then straight into the camera...]

Larry: The mirror looks backwards now! I was once walking the hills of some place sometime ago for some reason or another. It doesn't matter what has happened to you today or even then. You are becoming non-true and I am truer. I am truth. Soon I will be all that is and you may never have been. The mirror looks backwards now. Save me my child. Dream.....dream.....dream......

[the camera begins to fade out....]

Larry: My name is Larry. What is yours?

[fade to black...]

larry ©2003
Larry reads Blood Electric live on TV