Your road led to this?
The first post-Alice issue begins with an explanation of where we go from here by Fachane B Keltroy. A timely comment on the kneaches and olter verm. Volutions.

Her piece begins with the words "write this..." and while we read only 11 more words we noticed something about the inside of shirt cuffs which have been known to hide things that look good in garamond font. This satisfies a good portion of our editorial requirements except when I am no longer plural. I hope we enjoy this as I read it for the first time. On The Virtue Of Selfishness. Karen Ashburner.

We've included The Locusts are Coming by John Dempsey. This is Dempsey's first foray into biography and he has successfully made the jump going by this account of a young lawyer's third attempt to pass the bar exam. That lawyer grew up to be none other than Fenton Brunt.

Owen Hollifield has rewritten Dicken's classic A Christmas Tale with his Does god make housecalls?

In Vinyl Secret, Marcie takes us inside the recent Miss World riots in Nigeria. Her first in the field reporting in nearly 20 years.

The first post-Alice issue
a simple introduction