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Stupid fucking Americans

This is what happens when I leave you all to your own devices! You make your own web site and suck more cock
than Miranda. Hey by the way - Take Moomins web site and stick it up your dick hole.

Piss Poor. I knew you were nothing but an over sized and undertalented writer Sean. This just proves it.
Come out and play little kitties! You little teat sucking twerps.

Paul (Matrix)
(Nov. 15)
Dear WriteThis,

I have been a long time fan and patron of this site.
This is by far the worst damn issue that you have ever
produced. I waited for this issue because your lame
asses cannot even get an issue out on time and THIS is
what I get!

Please cancel my internet services if this is the kind
of horse sperm being massed produced and stuffed down
our collective throats under the guise of quality


Wayne Nerr
(Nov. 15)


admittedly, 'out of order' was pretty good, but everything else was lacking.

'last night's dream - corrected' gave us what is perhaps the best gem of the mix with it's line "greta garbo is not my sister" -

yeah, and sean, old buddy, writing is not your niche.  comedy - maybe, but leave the writing to those with vision and/or some talent.

(Nov. 15)
Mr Binkles! very good, tell your mother
                  Zoz (Nov. 1)
what fun this is... but you don't know me, so never mind

                            Nancy (Sep. 20)
You have got to be kidding me! (The) page that I received from you was facinating; however, everytime I clicked on the "About us" icon, it said that I was not ready to know about you.  Well, I think I'm ready now.  So please tell me who the "H" "E" "double hockey sticks" you are?                                   
          Christine (Sep. 18)
Dear WriteThis,

What poo!  The link page sucks.  I hate shirts.  Burn your loser shirts, I would not wear them if they were smeared with shitgold.  Shitgold is something I like because it is gold that other people think is actually shit, so they walk right by it for me to pick up and have and take to the shitgold trading store and then they give me rock hard cash for it and I go out and buy t-shirts and candy and booze and I vomit all over your fucking stupid ass boring site with its pseudo-philosophical keyboard bashings.  Yeah, that's right, you heard me, you no-talent talentless know nothing know it all dumb idiot wankers!  Yeah, you heard me!  You heard me!  I know you canme!  Bah!  I will vomit on you.  This is my vomit and I would not buy your stupid mugs either, or read your little "poems".  Bloody disgusting.  Go suck an ox penis.

Thank you.

Joe Nobody
(Jan. 12)

Dear WriteThis,

Hey, man- I don't know shit about shit, and I can't tell good writing from
the aforementioned horse sperm so deliciously splattered in
pseudoscientific fashion upon the virtually virtuousless visually non
compelling pages here, although it wouldn't really matter, as you don't let
cretins like me, and rightly so, submit to your fascist net rag.

All that said, who the fuck is this sean guy, anyway?

John G. Kolacz
(Jan. 17)
Dear WriteThis,

What a shitty bunch of shit that you have here!  I can't believe the shit that passes as writing that people like you put up on these hack internet sites.  It's all a bunch of puerile garbage and pseudo-intellectual keyboard slamming.  Why must the internet be polluted with shit like this?  Why?  You are not making the world a better place, you are not filling it with new and wonderous art, you are only piling up the garbage.  Thanks.  Thanks ever so much.

(Jan. 12)

Dear WriteThis,

I cannot believe the crap that passes for writing these days.  I read this shitty shit shit and it makes me want to gouge out my own eyes and hang myself with my large intestine.  That's right, my large fucking intestine!  The stuff at your hack little internet site is the very definition of puerile garbage and pseudointellectual keyboard slamming.  You aren't giving the world art or making it a better place or any dumb ass shit like that, you're only piling on the garbage.  Thanks, maggot-herders.

Paco II
(Jan. 12)
Dear WriteThis,

I demand that the reading and writing lessons be discontinued inexplicably. It's clear that chi chi is prostituting their art, and another thing, sean is bartering his prostitute.

Zozimus (Jan. 21)
Dear WriteThis,

This site needs more pornography.

Bertrand Russel (Jun. 12)