the play's the thing
The Cast-Offs in Disorder of mis-Appearance:
John Dempsey was born in Cairo, Egypt and came to the United States in 1970 where he set up residence in Greenwich Village, New York. Mr. Dempsey currently makes a living translating papyrus scrolls for such organizations as The Dead Paper Society, The Readers of the Lost Word and The Group for Disembodied Fabrics and Inks. 'Steps to the Madhouse', John's first collection of poetry, is currently available as an E-book, through Brainpan Publishing. Mr. Dempsey's work has been showcased in The Drunken Boat, New Graffiti (a now defunct e-zine), The Golden Wings (an anthology, printed in India), Dream Virus, Poetry Greece and Annetna Nepo, a multi-lingual poetry journal. Any questions or comments can be addressed to mrdempsey@hotmail.com

Josh Davis lives on porches smoking cigarettes.  He was born in Beaumont, Texas and raised sparingly. Having no stones, he threw words.  Having no sense, he was beaten badly.  He has written two novels What Rough Peace & The Muse and the Mechanism with his available arms.  Visit him at www.kickwriting.com.

Stephen Moran has had stories, articles and poems published in America, Britain and Ireland. His debut novel, Tales out of School, is due to be published sometime quick before he dies.  He is alive and well and living in London.  Visit him at StephenMoran.net

The Groovepoets (aka Rick Spaulding) - Somewhere in the center of your mind is a landscape between Tanis and Tunisia in form factor and colour. En route to this place you're going find yourself between radio stations and greeted with nothing but static from the north forty to the southern love of your radio connectivity. In the static, you're going to hear voices if you listen hard enough. A lot of voices. We all do. The things you see written with this name on them are from the voices inside my static.  The Groovepoets (aka Rick Spaulding) are a collection of little voices inside the head of a musician and writer who licks ferociously at the chain of nine volt batteries holding him fast in the northeastern Oklahoma area. He royally digs chihuahuas and his purple Stratocaster.  Read his on-line novel here: http://www.geocities.com/groovepoets .  Contact him at groovepoets@hotmail.com .

Marcie's last name is not necessary.  She is a simple girl who writes about the best this and the best that.  She never uses the word 'splay' and can be found beneath ceiling fans.

Karen Ashburner is the General Editor of Dicey Brown (www.diceybrown.com). Her work has appeared in the New Delta Review, The Tower, Concepts, Word Riot, Eyeshot, The Dragonfly Review, the Absinthe Literary Review and others. She is the author of Celebrity, a chapbook of fiction published by Dicey Books.(www.diceybrown.com/diceybooks.html).

Daedreamer's name is Paula and she is seventeen. New York bred and Texas raised. Writing is her one and only passion.  She is angst and depression.  Love her. 

Julie Johansson, 29, studied philosophy and creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill. Cleaning toilets in Kissimmee Florida while guiding humanity in its evolution via thought broadcasting, psychic television interaction, and being a good girl.

Andrew Yves Aulino was born in Camp Springs Maryland in 1979 and for the next 23 years lived (in no particular order) in DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Virginia, Marlyand, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and finally settled(briefly)in Northeastern Ohio. After he graduates from Kent State University in May he'll be moving somewhere near Dallas to start work on an MA in Linguistics and live with Erin.

Kelly McHone has written poetry for 10 years.  "I've written good poetry maybe two or three times.  I've got more passion for words, than talent to use them.  That's life.  That's writing.  That's me writing.  Kerouac made me want to be a writer, but my peers drive me to keep doing it.  I love sunlight, words, flesh, ink, and juicy juicy pineapple."

idiot is a full-time visual artist with over 75 solo and group shows. Living and working between Athens, Greece and Brussels, Belgium. Grew up in South Africa. His work is found in many public and corporate collections in Europe and the US. Although he's published mainly poetic passages in  literary reviews, he does not consider himself a writer. By writing, he is only confessing his eternal immaturity to Aristophanes. Writing is only an alibi as he lacks  social and political correctness. Writing and painting are in fact alibis.  Contact him at str54@msn.com

James 'Vidicon' Cosby is missing.  If you find him or if he finds himself, send him here.

Pulse, when he isn't being disturbing and shaking a fist at the concept of fiction he is busy writing for and publishing TwoHeadedCat (www.twoheadedcat.com) which keeps him off the street. This sort of activity makes the police happy and keeps the handcuffs at bay.

L. Keith Daniels is a 22 year old from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and currently the music journalist for Suicidegirls.com.  His poetic heroes include Raymond Carver, Lawrence
Ferlinghetti, and Anne Carson.   He's never had poetry published professionally.   He's majoring in English Literature and still working on his BA.   Single but still accepting offers.  His most recent interview for Suicidegirls can be found at SuicideGirls.com/words/Sleater-Kinney/.

April Pittman was born in Backwoods, North Carolina; where the banjos twang and the mongoloids abound. Current works range in the hundreds with only a few published in the National-We-Just-Want-Your-Money-And-Are-Not-Selective-At-All Poetry Society. Having since given up on such a disappointing market, she mostly hoards her words. Stuffs them under the bed or carries them around in her pocket. Breaks things with those words that are like hammers. But mostly just breaks things. At nearly 21, life has been her most potent inspiration for her writing. A fact that, in itself, is a number one argument for assisted suicide. Volunteers taken.  More about her.

Cyrus N. is a damn good writer.  But where is he?

pseudonymous writes pseudonymously.  she does not emulate e.e. cummings, but
hesitates to use capital letters when she hasn't begun a paragraph with them already.  she lives in new jersey, in the united states, where she works with children, moves s l o w l y toward her undergraduate degree at a reasonably respectable educational institution, and plays with the dog. she eschews sport/utility vehicles, marzipan, cilantro and places where there are dress codes, and enjoys pop culture, all things simian, npr, and the way that archetypes relate to myth. she writes because she can.

Derek Henkel - His first novel is at www.dirtyredkiss.comderekhenkel@hotmail.com .

more coming...