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writeThis is a revolutionary front supported by an antisubreactionary league of hypernow readers and (socalled) writers. To join this league and our ranks as ubermodern literary freedom fighters simply submit your (socalled) best work for our review. Do not expect the following:

A response within 24 hours. Understand we have poker games and other secret meetings to attend to. We will get to you within 1 month.

Kittens or small birds. We may send bullets though. You know what to do with them.

Money. We are revolutionaries not millionaires. Maybe one day this will change.

Other things you need to be aware of:

We speak and read in English. Submit your work in English. Bad English can be accepted as an alternative on a case by case basis.

Your work must be original. If it is not we might kill some hostages. You wouldn't want us to do that would you?

We have certain terms you will agree to. They are: writeThis gets exclusive first-time on-line/electronic publishing rights. We also hold the right to reprint the piece in any future issues of writeThis or in any writeThis print anthology, journal, magazine or book. After we publish, all rights, to include but not limited to electronic, print, audio, or any other media, belong to the author. If the work(s) should be published in the future, we ask(demand, or we shoot more hostages!) for a credit line that reads: "First published in writeThis volume X issue X."

We accept herpes-free attachments.

Send a bio. If you do not have a bio we can appoint one to you free of charge. Simply state you would like a bio. If you want a really good bio we can supply one for a small onetime fee. Contact us for more details.

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