The best writing in the world, period.  There is proof. 
Apr. 15, 2003
volume i, issue xii
there was one?
he, american towel dispenser, electric carpet twil with eyes for gold, ah yes, the diet swine.

cola cola words i cannot spell, and the twilight moonlight cage bird line dance, twa twa twa, tv in puddle of wartorn pussy lore
alas big country, sticks and stones may break, but my bones have been sitting in squalor, squa squak, hawk back, famous denizen
this is not the time nor the pineapple redundancy farm    slow your pace, slow your face, in haste
  we will triumphant hollars, down from parapet pathes on balcony swingsets  (and little girl look at me
slow to fix menagerie
the first word (of) and the process of ejudication
and thus the second word follows and is merely a bridge to the third
your nose
is bright
  and full of holes
tap fingers cement mixers bartender fixers my grief is what ales ya
  (ah ya political correctness hooray, my middle east is your southern comfort, but my misery is
despair the unto and something so on incorrect formulations we will correct and so on and so forth etc and something else
  et cetera
the cradle of western something or another, here we go a miracle round
number uno three zwei mistakes a day (you knew what i mean pigdog) this is about how many words

and i will begin until you end, demarkations marred personal briefcase beliefs  word o the day   sammeln
  i do
pithy, i think i'm finished

bryan e. ©2003
girl diner, part 1
bryan e.